Sawyer canoe

I have a sawyer Kevlar canoe, it is older and has had some

Repair work done to it. It is a two man canoe, the model says ‘Canadian’. I’m wondering what the value on this canoe might be?



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The Canadian was a hot boat in the 'Short Class" in downriver racing back in the 70's. Those who could handle them did very well. Those who could not swam a lot. As to what it would be worth I can not say although being 6'4" tall I always thought about setting one up as a solo.

The description OldBill gave seems accurate from what David Yost told me about the Canadian. Tippy (my word) but very fast if the paddler’s skill levels are high enough to take advantage of the design. My Sawyer collection will not be complete until I have one. Most are very beat up. I have seen a couple in great shape but prices have been too high. The early ones were 16’ even but were lengthened to 16’6", or was it the other way around. It would be nice to see some pictures.



I have a 1977 Sawyer touring kayak. Do you know anything about these?

Do you know how many were made? I have never heard of another one and if I remember correctly they sold me the last one they made.

Thanks for all the info! I would love to post some photos, but I am not able to on the message board.

Would be it possible for me to email you the photos?

I am thinking of asking around $300 OBO offer for it, but I’m not sure if that is the correct price to be listing it at.

Thank you!

Sawyer Kayak
The Sawyer Touring Kayak is 13’1.5" long x 24" wide. It weighed 40# and the only color was red top white bottom. They did not have a rudder. I do not think that many were made. I have only seen pictures.


Sawyer Canoe
You could send pictures to Where are you located?


Loved it!

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I had a Canadian back in the mid 70's. Fast she was! She featured the Italian design concept: if you can't win the race, why finish? I never noticed the tippy part, but MRC's Malecite was lighter and better built and that was that.