sawyer canoes kayak?

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I am getting into kayaking and am looking at buying used fiberglass boat. I found one that I like the looks of, but the owner does not remember what the model is. I looked up the HIN and found that it was produced by Sawyer Canoe Inc in 1987. The boat is about 14' 6" and has a beam of 24" according to the owner. I can't find anything online that talks about kayaks made by Sawyer Canoe Inc. Does anybody know of any inforamtion regarding kayaks made by the Sawyer Canoe Inc? Any help or info is appreciated.


Does it look like this:

Expedition, I believe, is considered a decked canoe, not a kayak. Subtle differences, I suppose, but I’m sure some more educated here will point them all out with the opportunity . . . .


Sawyer Kayak
In the late seventies Sawyer advertised two kayaks.

One was a slalom kayak and the other was a touring kayak. They both had a length of 13’1 1/2" and a width of 24". They had a maximum depth of 12" and a cockpit size of 26" x 15". The slalom had a white hull with a blue deck and the touring had a white hull with a red deck.


Doubt Sawyer would have still made
those in 1987. And surely not with that short cockpit.

I’ll take it!
I’ve decided to buy it. He’s asking $450 for the boat with spray skirt and float bags. It seems like its in really good shape to me. The owner said he maybe had it on the water 6 or 7 times and it looks like it. There are some minor scratches on the hull and there are some scuff marks on top from transportation but no major chipping that I could see. I am going to pick it up on Sunday or Monday.

It definitely has a short/small cockpit opening and does not look like the current Superior offerings. I’ll have to wait until I go pick it up to take definitive measurements. The hull is white and the deck is grey. I’ll try and make some pictures available as well once I get it home and have a chance to take some and upload them to the net.

Thanks for all the input so far!


Er, Leslie MI?
I think I saw that boat. Don’t know what it is though.

I’ll sure be interested in the pictures.
I didn’t know that Sawyer made a kayak that small.

Yes, it was the one in Leslie, Mi. The kayak may be 15ft long, I can’t find a measuring tape that is longer than 12ft so my measurement may be off. the cockpit is about 30in x 17in or 18in. I have pictures and hopefully will have them up on a website for viewing later tonight.


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Please go to this website for pictures. Sorry for the crappy quality. I'll try and get some better ones when I have better light out and a better camera.

That is a pretty and fun looking kayak.
Is that fin/skeg retractable? I didn’t see any means to retract it.



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Thanks! : ) Its removeable but you have to take out a screw to pull it out. Not moveable while in the water.

I don’t know what it is . . . .
But that’s a beautiful boat for $450. I don’t think you can go wrong for that. If you don’t like it, I’m sure you can sell it for more by advertising it in the right places.

Good buy. Have fun with it.


I’d probably buy it if it was near enough geographically. I’d at least test paddle it.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I’ll let you guys know how it is after I get some time in it.