Sawyer champion kevlar canoe

Hi all, I have an opportunity to buy a sawyer champion 18-6 kevlar 49. The boat is in rough shape from sitting in the sun for many years apparently. The fibers are basically showing through along the whole hull bottom. Where can I find info on the metrerial lay up used on this boat and is it worth fixing??

Thanks for any help

Kevlar 49 is the material
an aramid hurt greatly by UV exposure.

Don’t know if yours is gel coated or skin… It seems that you have skin coat and the kevlar fibers show… whether from abrasion or what I have no idea

There were six Champion models

Photos would be a big help

Sawyer champion kevlar canoe

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It is a skin coat. For the most part it is all UV damage. There are other areas needing Repair but I wanted to address the UV damage first. Can I reapply resin and rebuild it that way? If so what type of resin? I have pics but I can't seem to figure out how to post them on this board. Thanks

If you decide to refinish it, I would use West Systems “105 resin” and “206 slow hardener”, and possibly 1 layer of 6oz S-Glass (“S type” fiberglass cloth is about 30% stronger than “E Glass”) depending on how bad it is.

One thing to note is that Kevlar can’t be sanded, it will just fuzz up more, so its one of the more difficult materials to being back from a dry, fuzzy state.

About the only way to remove the fuzz is with a torch. You basically run a propane torch over the surface quickly and the fuzzy fibers will melt down or burn off. I have never had to do this so pblanc or someone else can comment on the best way to do that if its necessary.

If you have the pics on instagram or photobucket just post a link. Paddling doesnt support imbedded pictures

THe Champion is a kick ass boat from days of yore. If you want to bring it back from the dead I think that’s awesome!

Sawyer champion kevlar canoe
Hey thanks for the tip on the torch. Seem pretty straight forward. I remember doing that to the little fuzzy on my jeans back in high school.

Check out these photos of the boat. Think it’s a worthy project? I can get the boat for 100

definitely worth $100
if you have the time and motivation to finish it, it’s definitely worth 100 bucks.

I bet you’ll spend another $150-250 in supplies if you glass the bottom, plus 10-20 hours of time.