Sawyer Collectable?

I know you Dave.

You’d take the Lotus,the Pat Moore que, and still not be satisfied.

You’d be asking what I was throwing in for boot.

There is no possibility of pleasing a boat slut like you…



P.S. The kevlar Bell Wildfire from St. Louis turned out beautifully, after I did 2 days of cleanup.

You know me too well.
Yep, the Lotus.

I’d forgotten about the Pat Moore Que, so yeah, throw that in, too.

I’m glad that Wildfire worked out for you. I think I contacted that seller within a half hour of your call.

I’m still contemplating selling the kevlar deluxe Wildfire that I picked up locally last summer, because it just seems a bit large for me. It is a pretty boat, though.

I need more boat storage space.