Sawyer Cruiser Question?

Does anyone know the approximate weight of a fiberglass Saywer Cruiser? Were these made for Woodstream Canoes as well?

I’d say 65-70
Assuming the Golden Glass layup. Nice boats.


The goldenglass cruiser weighed 64 pounds. The kevlar cruiser varied a little in weight depending on construction. My first kevlar Cruiser was red and weighed 54 pounds. A few months later the local dealer got in a clear cruiser that weighed just under 50 pounds and offered to trade me even up. I did so and still own this canoe. What a beautiful canoe.

My canoeing buddy and I also owned DY Special kevlar solo canoes. His was foam core construction and weighed 35 pounds. Mine was a lighter layup with ribs and weighs 31 pounds. I still own this canoe and paddle it 4 or more times per week.

Sawyer had a few different layups for the same model kevlar canoes and they varied slightly in weight but the goldenglass models were more consistent in weight.

I also have a goldenglass DY special canoe that weighs exactly 50 pounds.

69 lbs.

Mine weighed right at 70 I think. Mighty sweet padding canoe. Its about the stiffest layup I’ve ever owned. I think my fiberglass MR Indy is pretty close in stiffness.

I also owned a OT Canadienne 16 in fiberglass. It is a similar hull to the Cruiser though considerably shorter and was stiff and sweet paddling also.