Sawyer Cruiser

Wondering if anyone out there can help?

I picked up a Sawyer Cruiser several years ago and have never really had an opportunity to put it to good use. I’ve actually only had it in the water three times.

I’m trying to find a value on it, and am wondering if anyone out there can give me an idea of what this canoe is worth? I’ve tried finding information on it, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on Sawyer, other than that people like their boats. Personally, I found it a little tippy, but it is fast as heck and I see what it would make a great boat for trips.




There’s one on this board for sale.

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Don't know if its the same as yours, but they're asking $995 in good condition.

Sawyer made the cruiser in a variety of different layups over the many years that they built the canoe. The materials used to make the canoe (as well as the resulting weight) greatly impact the canoe’s value. The age of the canoe (you can get that off the VIN) and its condition are also relevant.

Sawyer Cruiser
It’s a kevlar-fiberglass composite. I would guess it’s from the late 70s/early 80s. It’s in very good condition.

auction price

I bought my Cruiser at the Midwest Mountaineering auction for $800 and was very happy with the price. It’s an '89 kevlar, s-glass, epoxy composite that they called their “Northwoods Superlight.” It weighs 54lbs. It was in excellent shape when I bought it 5-6 yrs. ago. Yours sounds a bit older, so it may bring less. On the other hand, comparable canoes now retail for $2,000. You could always bring it to auction (end of April) and see what you get.

I Think I Told You Around $800 - $1000
In average condition should be worth around $800

In primo condition up to $1200

Unfortunately at auction you might get only $800 or so even if in good shape. Now would be the time to sell if you want to. Nice tandem, though, for two experience paddlers to go fast in…

Did you pay around $300 for it??? I wouldn’t mention this, again, if you plan to get over $900 for it…


1974 perspective
I bought a brandy-new one that year, in glass, for $325.00.