Sawyer Cruiser

I have a used Sawyer Cruiser that I believe is around 17’ long. This is a fibreglass canoe and we lost the plastic piece that is riveted to the front top of the canoe and I believe to be part of the carrying handle. My question is where can I find or purchase a replacement part. I am not sure what it is called, but it fits over both gunnels on the bow and stern of the canoe. I lost the one for the bow…Help!

It is called a deck. I don’t know where it can be found, but many people make them out of wood. Most decks are not handles (not attached firmly enough), though some plastic ones have handles molded in.

Wood or composite?
If your Cruiser has wood rails, you’ll need a wood deck. Try Ed’s 802.334.5130. You’ll maybe also want a grab bar too. #10 SS machine screws and ny-lock nuts available at most hardware stores.

If your Sawyer has aluminum rails, the cap is composite. You may be able to get an ABS replacement from Bell Canoe in LaCrosse WI or a composite one from Sawyer-Superior in Lyons MI. Better chance of getting a precise fit and an aluminum grab bar from Steve at Sawyer.

Sawyer Cruiser Deck
Thanks for the quick reply, the deck is composite or plastic and it does have handles molded in.

Sawyer Cruiser Deck
Thanks for the info, I will contact Steve at Sawyer.