Sawyer golgenglass 1983

Friend passed away, I was gifted a canoe. Never used it and need to sell it. Can someone tell me what it’s worth? Good condition. All I know is Sawyer Goldenglass, 18’ with sliding bow seat, 2 paddles, serial number SAW13281M83G.

36 year old boat… Good construction but in reality unless you find a Sawyer enthusiast $500 tops…

Might be a good canoe for @northeastpaddler (see his post below)

These guys love Sawyer canoes…

Thank you.

Definitely check with some folks who are knowledgeable regarding Sawyer Canoes. Sawyer shut down in the early 1990s. The HIN follows the “model year” format and indicates that the boat was certified (completed manufacture) in February of 1984.

If the length overall is truly 18 feet give or take an inch, it could be a Sawyer Outrage. The Outrage is/was a sleek tandem with a maximum beam at the rails of 33 1/2" and a center depth of 12 1/2". In Goldenglass it was listed at 74 lbs, not bad for an 18 foot canoe with a sliding front seat.

If it is an Outrage I think it would have significant appeal to the right person.