Sawyer guide

Just curious who has had experience with this canoe. I know there is a lot of good press on the cruiser and some of the solo boats, but I haven’t seen much about this one. I’m looking for a good canoe to introduce my family to canoeing. It has been years since I have had the opportunity as well. I know that I have no interest in Coleman canoes. Not so sure about the aluminum ones either. I had friends who had a nice FG canoe and I will never forget how easily they pulled away from the Coleman pig I was paddling in!

Basically, I am looking for something that will be reasonably fast and definitely stable, as I have a 5yo and 9yo. My wife has the conception that these things just flip over too easy. I’ve seen one of these for sale and am wondering if it will fit the bill.

click on the reviews tab, pick sawyer from the manufacturers and Guide Special from the models.

I feel silly now…
Thanks for the reply. I had looked at the reviews on the sawyer canoes before. Maybe I missed it because I hadn’t figured out which one it was.