Sawyer Identification

I need help identifying a Sawyer canoe. It is 18’ by 36" and about 18" high at the bow and stern. The serial number is SAW015540774. The bottom is perfectly flat without even the hint of a keel. It has been damaged and modified, so if someone has pictures of the inside of an original it will make my rebuilding efforts easier. Thanks in advance,


Guide Special
The Guide Special was 18’ x 36" with 17 1/2" high ends. They also made the Safari which was 18’ x 36" but I m not sure of the end heights.


More, kinda
The Safari was a guide special with a rectangular FG box added above waterline to accommodate a motor. Neat idea. Sawyer used consecutive serial numbers without a model code, but did include date, so that’s a 1974 build.

That is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for your replies. It has been the perfect boat for exploring the mangroves and taking out of state guests out on Tampa Bay. Thanks again,JB

I just purchased a Kevlar 15’ Sawyer but it has no model name on it.
Is there a way I can post photos?