Sawyer Kayak help

I just picked up a vintage fiberglass kayak and i'm having a little trouble figuring out what exactly it is.  It is intended for a 13 year old to learn with this season.  I would like to get it out in the next couple days to test it out and was hoping somebody knew somthing about it.  Its as Sawyer with a red hull and deck, just over 13 feet long and 24" wide. the HID suggest that it was made in 72.<br />
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Pics will follow soon, the 13 year old will make that happen. Thanks a bunch, Mike

resurrecting an old mystery

Wow, I guess so

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The cockpit is 26 x 15. The seller thought it was a youth kayak but maybe the seat just looks small compared to todays models. I'm going to try to get pictures up in the morning. Thanks for the link.

Link to pics,

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