Sawyer Kevlar 49 Kayak?

I’m new to paddling. I bought an inflatable this year to test whether I would really like it. Now I’m searching for a hardbody boat and I’m on a budget. I found a Sawyer kayak on Offer Up. I can’t find any info about this boat. I see a few references to Sawyer kayaks but they all miss this description. Any info appreciated!

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For $160 in this market? I would buy it and ask questions later. Good chance it sold already

I agree. Either it’s hot or the seller doesn’t have a clue. Or there is some damage we can’t see.

This is likely a Monarch or Loon model. Google them.

Its worth $3k (yes, really) and is a phenomenal hull. There is no better canoe for extended tripping or big water

You’re lucky im not closer :slight_smile:
If you buy it you must promise to paddle it weekly

If you’re a beginner they’re fine to learn with as well. For 160 its the STEAL OF THE CENTURY. this is a boat you will never outgrow. You must promise to use it though. It deserves to be used regularly or someone else will.

I’d be inclined to go with “Hot” but the price is too low even for a stolen boat … unless it’s needed for a fix. You can see enough of the hull to have a pretty good idea that any repairs needed wouldn’t cost more than its worth (see MCImes post)

The cockpit looks like an Oscoda. That would make it a rare beast, worth a lot more than the asking price.

Probably inherited from someone.

As others have alluded to it is a sea canoe. Meant for big water ( needs float bags but that is not an issue). It is not worn like a kayak and the open cockpit shows it is a decked canoe. You can’t roll it like a sea kayak.

For $160 the seller must have no idea what it is. New versions of this go for seven grand.

Mad River made the Monarch which was a version of this Verlen Kruger design.

This may be a Sawyer Loon

Read this for more about its intended use

As expected, the seller didn’t respond. I’m happy for whoever got her before I did. Altogether a positive for me - I learned a lot during my research and found this group. Thanks!

I’d love to have a kevlar Sawyer Loon for it’s relatively light weight. I didn’t realize that Sawyer made them without rudders.

Mine was goldenglass construction and weighed 56 lbs with rudder.

I sold the Loon when I got a Mad River Monarch, which weighs 54 lbs and is a bit better outfitted than the Loon.

The Mad River Monarch and Sawyer Loons are very seaworthy canoes that handle wind and waves very well - especially with the rudder. They paddle very nicely with either a bent shaft canoe paddle or a kayak paddle.

Even though they are over 17’ long, they are surprisingly maneuverable on narrow, twisty streams.

Never hesitate to buy one at anywhere near that price.