Sawyer Loon ok for 155 lb paddler?

I would be using it for exercise and day trips and would usually have 1 lb to 30 lb of gear.


  1. Anyone have specs for the Sawyer Loon?

  2. I’m a relatively weak paddler, should I expect any efficiency or performance improvements paddling the Loon with a bent shaft Zaveral vs me using the same paddle in my Sawyer Summersong?

  3. Any other thoughts or insights regarding a smaller (5’6", 155 lb) paddler day tripping in the Loon or comparing it to the Summersong?

  4. Any random thoughts on the Loon?

  5. Would I be better off just putting a rudder on my Swift Caspian Sea and paddling it with a bent shaft Zaveral?


Sawyer Loon

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It was my first boat for open and roughwater which it will handle well and not get grapped unexpectally by current, waves or eddies. I am a little over 200lbs and it rode fine for me, but I imagine you will sit a little higher in the water, but don't see that as a major issue. It really is designed for tripping and hauling weight (up to 350+?) and in that role it will shine. I have not paddled a Summersong so can't give you any advice thoughts there, but they really are designed for two different uses. The Zarvel paddle would be a good choice for the Loon. You can also paddle it with a longer Sea Kayak Paddle which I often did.

What did you replace your Loon with
and why?

How long was your Sea Kayak Paddle?

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Replaced it with a sea kayak
Not because it was a better boat, but a kayak was a better choice for what I wanted to do on the ocean. Loon works on the ocean as well, but more as point A to B boat. I think the paddle I used was in the 230cm range, but it has been a few years since I sold the boat.

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Sawyer Loon big, small, or just right?

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First are you asking if the Loon might be too big or too small for you?

#1. Some where, but don't know where. What do you want to know besides 17'2" long, 28" wide, 60 pounds?

#2. Of course. Wind, distance and weight of paddle swing, etc ... You probably should get about a 47"-48" ZAV. Ran into a long time paddler and professional in canoeing just recently. What he said about ZAV is worth repeating, "I do not like ZAV handles or their blades, but you can not beat a ZAV paddle." ;^)

#3. Two completely different boats for different reasons. Both will get the job done. The question is "How do you want the job done?"

#4. For what you described the Loon is more than adequate. If fully packed for a long trip the Loon can be dangerous as the stern stability very quickly disappears when over loaded.

#5. Ruddering your Swift Caspian Sea will be an answer, BUT you will not have a decked expedition canoe under you. Re-read #3.

For a more indepth discussion just call me.



Wondering if Loon is too big for me,

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not if it is too small. Most of the reviews and references to the Loon in the Archives, were by larger paddlers, do I'm wondering how it would handle with a maximum load of 185 lbs. Average total load would be more like 160 lbs.

I would intend to use the Loon on larger lakes and rivers where the other paddlers are in sea kayaks and we'd likely encounter wind and waves. I've paddled such a trip once with the Summersong and I had to really struggle to keep up and was wondering if the Loon would be better suited for this type of outing or if I'd likely still struggle to keep up with the paddlers in sea kayaks. My Summersong does have a foot controlled rudder, which helps in those conditions. I do have two sea kayaks, a Swift Caspian Sea and an Aquaterra Sea Lion and they may be a better choice than the Loon when paddling with others in sea kayaks, but I do like the comfort of paddling the Sawyer canoes.

I bought my Zaveral Medium used at 47.75" and it just the right length with the Summersong seat in the lowest position and I'd expect it to be just right with the Loon seat in the lowest position.


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Could be. Might not be.
Verlen Kruger was a small man, shorter than you I think. He loved the Loon, liked the bigger Monarch, loved the even bigger Sea Wind, and loved best of all, the biggest yet, the Sea Wind Super. He had input to an even larger one to follow. He liked bigger and DRYER boats.

You paddled the Sea Wind Supper. The important thing is how YOU feel about and in the boat. How did it feel to you size wise? The Sawyer Loon is three sized down.

Of course we are talking volume here, but not length or width as they are all the same length and width. The increased volume is therefore in the deck height and the fullness of the hull. The stern hull grew the most as the Kruger design evolved.



Thanks for the additional info, Mick.

I now own a red Sawyer Loon.
I won an auction on ebay.

The owner says it weighs 52 lbs. It’s probably a little more than that. If it’s within a couple pounds of 52, I’ll be pleased.

It comes with a skirt and double ended paddle.

It’s in MI, so it will probably be a couple weeks before I pick it up, since I’ll probably work overtime both days this weekend to help pay for the Loon.

I’m looking foreward to getting to know it. Hopefully it won’t bob like a cork with just my 155 lbs in it.

If it doesn’t work out for me, I know a tall guy with big feet that doesn’t fit in sea kayaks very well (Prijon Kodiak was too small) and the Sawyer Loon would probably work great for him.

Thanks for all the helpful input on the Loon.

Now I need to sell a boat to make room for the Loon in the garage. Maybe the Blackhawk Zephyr, since I’m not fond of kneeling.

It’s supposed to be a 1988 o 1989.

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Oops, that should have been 1998 or 1999.

I'll have the s/n and some more pictures tomorrow.

Was this a good year for the Sawyer Loon?

Floatation bag suggestions?
This boat comes with a skirt, but if I were to consider using it on rougher water, would floatation bags be a good idea?

Any brand or size of air bag that you would suggest?


Portage yoke suggestions?
Are there any off-the-rack portage/carry yokes that work well for the Sawyer Loon?

I made a yoke for my Summersong that is adequate for short carries. It needs some improvements. I may end up doing something similar, but better for the Loon.

Geez - Canoe NUTS’z
Yeah, Yanoer,

I’d like to see your Blackhawk Zephyr on your way up thru Michigan.

I like the Loons.


I’ll probably be going through Coldwater
on my way to Fenton, but I’m not sure if I want to carry the Zephyr up with me just so you can chek it out. That would noticeably increase my fuel consumption on the way up and I wouldn’t have any rack space left on which to load your kevlar Summersong for the trip back : ) (Unless you traded the Summersong for the Zephyr)

I hope that this Loon is in as good of condition as it’s supposed to be. I’m eager to try it out and get it out on one of the larger lakes in the area.

Canoe NUTZ. Yep, I guess I’m guilty. Now I have to figure out which boat(s) to sell to make space for the Loon in my rental garage. It’s already too full to have all the boats in there at the same time since I bought the Starlight and Zephyr a couple weeks ago. It’ll probably be the Zephyr that goes first, since it pretty much requires kneeling and I prefer sitting.

If I have time, and you’re available, maybe I can stop by with my Loon on the way back and you can demonstrate in your Loon what these boats are capable of.

You using a second portage yoke on
your new Loon?

The portage yoke is normally attached to the seat bottom when made at the factory. Unless someone has removed it, the yoke should be there. You just remove the seat, turn the seat over, and reinstall it in the highest slots to portage.

Looking at the fotos, I can not see if it is there or not.


Looks like a standard Sawyer 4-way
seat to me. It’s white like the Seat in my Summersong.

I didn’t think that the Sawyer Loon had the same seat as the Kruger boats with the built in portage yoke.

IIRC, the pictures of Eric Nyre’s Sawyer Loon that he had on his web site (couldn’t find them recently) showed the same Sawyer 4-way seat system that’s in my Summersong and that’s now shown in the Summersong that’s on Eric’s web site (scroll down to Summersong).

I’m expecting more pictures from the seller any day.