Sawyer OC2 ID help.. .and question...

Greetings! I’m a long time lurker, more of a whitewater paddler than flatwater, but doing quite a bit more flatwater (and loving it) with young kids.

A few years back I picked up a Sawyer tandem canoe - 1978 vintage (or the serial number ends in “78” anyway), and have long wondered what model it was. 18’6" long, 11" center depth, about 14" bow and stern (deck plate on bow). Gunnels are aluminum and are shaped like an “eye” bolt (round with a flat protrusion straight down that is riveted to the kevlar hull). Had been used as a downriver raceboat by a very accomplished paddler.

So, the first question - any ideas what it might be?

And secondly, how might it compare stability and cruising speed wise with newer generation boats (especially the Savage River Susquehanna). My wife and I have really enjoyed this boat, but she’s now thinking with kids she’d like something with a little bit more room in the bow and perhaps a little bit more stable (though we’ve had great experiences with this one so far).

Thank you for any ideas, thoughts, and opinions!

I once had …
a Sawyer Charger about that time period, but I’m sure it was older than 78. It was 18’6" with tractor seats, but I do not remember the other dimensions.

Ignore your wife about stability.
Our kids started out in a similar “supercanoe”, an 18.5’ Moore Voyageur. When a canoe is 14 inches deep, kids aren’t going to fall over the sides. And they adapt to a bit of tippiness without difficulty.

I would say either a Champion 18’6" x 11 1/2 " center height x 16 bow height or a Super 18"6’ x 11 1/2" center height x 15" bow height. The Champion was their flat water race boat and had a skeg like stearn. The Super was one of the early Pro boats. If it is a Champ I would say it should not be a problem. If it is a Super I would say your wife might be on to something.

Bow height appears to be 15.5" Tractor seats bow and stern, bow is sliding. I’ll work on getting a few images…

Any comments as to speed vs. newer boats?

In theory this will take you to 4 images of the Sawyer in question.

Thanks again all for your ID of the boat and advice!

More info
Measuring from the bottom of the hull to under where the gunnel is riveted on is 14" BOTH bow and stern. Also, no “S” stern (given the dimensions I was wondering if it was a Super… and perhaps it is… all I can seem to find images of are Super II’s with the “S” stern and where the depth at the center and stern are identical… which is not the case with this boat.

Any chance it is a Champ II? I do not know what the differences were between the I, II, III, IV, etc…

Thanks again! I wish there was an online gallery / specs of old flatwater boats like there is for whitewater boats over at

Champ II…
I found this site this morning, I’m thinking what I have is very likely a Champion II (unless it is a III or IV… not sure when those were designed)

Looks like a Charger to me
The canoe in the photos you shared looks like a Charger to me. I have one. Love it.