Sawyer Oscoda Canoe

I have a 13ft Fiberglass Square back Oscoda Canoe finsihed in Camo with 2 seat’s and oar lock’s that I believe is a Sportsman’s model as it seem’s to be more geared toward’s hunting and fishing then it does for fast moving river’s.

I have a number of picture’s I can email to anyone interested in helping me identify it and advice on proper repair’s as the transom is bad and it has 4 different spot’s where the Fiberglass need’s repairs.

I’m also thinking of selling it for what I paid for it which is $100 or I may consider paying someone to repair it properly but not willing to dump a Grand into it as its not worth that to me.

You want the transom strong enough to
carry a small outboard motor again?

If you go to the West Epoxy site, you can find a pdf download on fiberglass boat repair. Use epoxy and fresh glass, not old glass that’s been lying around.

Sounds like if you do a rough patch job, you can have a working boat that cost you very little and is ugly enough that it won’t get stolen when you look the other way.

If you could find another one, you could set them up to bolt transom to transom at the boat ramp, and you’ll have a sort of one pontoon boat masterpiece.