Sawyer Oscoda Question

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I recently inherited a Sawyer Oscoda Tandem canoe. And I don't know much about it. I checked Sawyers website, but it was not very informative. I am looking to sell it, (I think) so any information on its value would be great. It has a fiberglass hull. It is in great shape, as in it doesn't look like it has ever been used. Thanks.

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scott smith bought sawyers molds and makes them now.

check out his web site.

google : superior canoes.

Superior Canoes
I saw that Sawyer is now Superior. The website doesn’t list any older canoes. And I haven’t heard back on an email from him.

Its length would help
Sawyer made a number of “Oscoda” or low-price line of canoes in both solo and tandem. The most numerous were the 16’ SPORT and the 17" FAMILY models, there was a 16’ REBEL also, but some people suggest its an older version of the SPORT model.

These were decent boats made to meet a price point moreso then as top performers. They were pretty stable, fairly wide, and attractive price-wise. The last two digits of the serial number will give you the year it was made.

In average condition, either would be worth $250-$450 if it is not sun damaged and not badly worn, IMHO.

Sawyer Oscoda
There were a lot of Oscoda tandems. The value would depend on condition and desirability.


The Oscoda line was comprised of heavy, brittle, chopper gun laminations. Generally mediocre designs as well, so they kinda test my concept that a dry hole in the water is worth $300.