Sawyer Oscoda Solo Canoe ?

I was given a 1995 Sawyer Canoe hull. I believe it is a Sawyer Oscoda 13. It was damaged in shipping, many years ago. The hull was repaired, but it was never built. I have bought vinyl gunwales a wood seat and thwart. I had little to no success, at finding specs for the Oscoda on the web.

I need advice on the following:

A. What is the proper width for this canoe?

B. How do you determine, where to properly place the thwart?

C. How far back from Center, to place the seat? And usual seat height.

D. typical spacing of rivets , for the gunwales?

Also does anyone know, if the Oscoda had floatation tanks, on each end?

Thanks. Have worked on kayaks for many years. First time piddling with a canoe. Any advise, would be appreciated.

I Believe the Oscoda 13 is…

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....the discounted version of the regular Solo 13? Have one in the barn (Sawyer Solo 13). Here's a few pics and lengths. I can take measurements tomorrow if needed? Also, a friend had one which he had to trim out completely. He may have a record of those measurements? I'll e-mail him. It should have floatation? Note the "Bulges" in each stem in the first picture.

I own three of them…
but they are in Missouri right now and I’m in Montana, so I can’t measure the gunwale width. Seats are tractor style, sitting surface about 4 inches below the gunwales, with the front edge of the seat very close to the center of the canoe. There’s a thwart behind the seat a few inches, and one in front of the seat, maybe a third of the way toward the front end. There are floatation chambers front and rear, inclosed in glass. The sides have some tumblehome, so just guessing, I’d suspect the gunwales are somewhere around 27 inches apart in the center, but I could be wrong. I will be in Missouri by sometime next week and can measure.

Here’s some Measurements
Stems to carry handles: 14"

Bow stem to front thwart 53" 22.5" front thwart width

Bow to front of seat 84.5"

Seat 26.5" wide

Bow to rear thwart 97" 24" rear thwart width

Hope that helps?

what a great canoe name
On the banks of the Au Sable.

Are these measurements taken down the centerline or along the edge of the hull? Just curious if there’s a standard way to take such measurements…

Don’t know if this is the standard method or not? But I was measuring solo so it was the easiest!

Easy Measurements
We often measure grip, thwart and seat placements as arcs from the bow.

First install a spreader bar at center amidships, install rails one quarter at a time from center working towards stems.

With rails on and spreader bar in place, swing arcs from the molded bow, marking placements. Cu parts to match, install one at a time.

I’ll gladly forward the Bell/Placid protocol for anyone interested if emailed.

Oscada Progress
The Oscada is basically finished. A hull repair area needs to be painted, but it is now usable. Thanks to Wilderness Web, for helping us offline. His knowledge and feedback was very helpful. Thanks to others who chimed in as well.

I’d Like TO See Pictures
I love to see canoe “Refurbish” pictures! BTW, you are “Welcome.”

Oscada finally finished.

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The Oscada is finally done. Detailing and all. This started out as a bare hull. The hull had a hole from shipping. The shop had patched the hull and set it a side. It had been in the rafters, for ~20 years. With some TLC and PNET advise she is ready to go. Thanks, looking forward to getting it wet.

Looks great!
You will enjoy paddling it if you like solo…fun little boat. Looks like new!

Great job, my wife wants to trade hers for that one (LOL)!