Sawyer Paddles

I have noticed that C&K has been advertizing Sawyer paddles. Has anyone had much experience with there paddles.

Just putting things on my wish list


Pretty Good Paddles
I have a couple of Sawyer paddles, and prefer them to Bending Branches. For one thing, they have laminated shafts, a feature I haven’t seen on a Bending Branches paddle, and to me, the grip is a lot more comfortable too. I have noticed that a lot of the Sawyer paddles have a very squared-off blade, and I’m not sure how silent the catch is with such a blade. I use a blade with a more rounded end.

Bending Branches

Ed here from Bending Branches; Osceola WI.

We make rougly sixty different models of paddles in hundreds of permutations. Most of our canoe paddles have microlaminated shafts made of 12 to 21 thin layers of wood Only our least expensive (rec) paddles are made with solid wood shafts. Some people might not notice the laminations in our shafts in that they are thin and very consistent, possibly looking like very straight wood grain. These are superior to most other wood shafts in strength, stiffness and weight.

Our customer service group consists of live paddling enthusiasts (no voicemail hell), so please us a call if we can provide any other info.