Sawyer Shockwave racing canoe

I purchased a Sawyer Shockwave solo racing canoe back in 1984. It is made of fiberglass with kevlar reinforcment and weighs around 30 lbs. It is in very good condition and has been garage kept. My question is: How do you put a value on this canoe? How do I determine an asking price?

I think you should weight it accurately.
I don’t think any fiberglass sawyer canoe ever weighed around 30 lbs - my 13’4’ fiberglass solo weighed 40.

I’m not sure if any of their kevlar canoes were as light as 30 lbs, maybe some were.

What region / state do you live in? That also effects value suggestions. Market value can vary widely from region to region.


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Sawyer Shockwave in fiberglass/Kevlar with foam core bottom and side ribs and Sitka spruce inwales weighed 26 lbs, per catalog:

If in very good condition I would probably ask $1500 for it.

Thanks Pete.
I had no idea that Sawyer ever made canoes that light.

Older C-1 racing canoes
that are in the 20 pound range go for $600 to $800, why on earth would any one want to pay $1500 for a 25 pound one ?

Jack L

Sawyer Shockwave racing canoe

Sawyer Shockwave racing canoe
Thanks pblanc for your input. The link you provided filled in a lot of blanks for me. Now I can proceed and put it up for sale.

You have a very collectable jewel!

Don’t sell it…

Or ask about 5K.