Sawyer Shockwave

Opinions requested:

Fair price for used Shockwave in really good shape.

Experience with it...tell it like it is/was.


What layup?
Makes a big difference, and there were a few.

Don’t you dare buy
that Missouri Shockwave. I need a Texas Water Safari canoe for 2010. I figure a couple of more months and I might be able to afford it :slight_smile:

Seriously, Shockwave is a beautiful looking canoe. I hope I get a chance to paddle one some day.



Fiberglass…I think. It is suppose to weigh about 45lbs. Don’t know how old it is…how do you tell? Did they ever add kevlar to the fiberglass for extra strength? Would you think it could handle bigger rivers…like the Missouri (under normal flow)?


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I had a Shockwave in goldenglass. I should have never sold it but my friend Glenn will never sell it to me or anyone else. I guess he really likes it.
The goldenglass layup has some Kevlar added "in strategic places" such as in the bow stem and along the keel.
I bought and sold mine several years ago and aparently they are worth more now. In good condition now a goldenglass is likely to fetch $750 or so. I believe mine weighed 48 lbs when we had it on a good scale.

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contrary opinion
I supposed it depends on what you’re after, I’m sure it makes decent speed when you whip it and it’s got some stability since it’s a sit and switch hull made for sitting, not kneeling.

My take is that Summersong is a hotter boat and Shockwave does not turn and has high wetted surface area so take a bit of muscle to push and is a bit of a nothing special, outdated hull.

I don’t have lots of time in them but I’ve paddled them and my friends that got rid of theirs are not looking to get them back or find another.

OK Tom but,
I liked it while I had it! Larry


Interesting comments. I have decided to look elsewhere. Hope to try one out one day.

OK Larry
You’re more informed than me…I knew two others that had Shockwaves and you’ll meet one of them at a club paddle. Maybe I would have liked it better with the weight of the dog added.

Shock verse SummerSong
Shock is a neat citizen race boat. Fast, stable, and, if you heel it, easy to turn. The issue with Shock is that the way Sawyer made hulls, every one of the creatures was hogged.

SummerSong didn’t need to meet race specs, so was narrower, but really runs out of room in the 160 lb paddler range. Again, not rocker, usually hogged a little, so learn to lay the thing down to lift the stems.

A good heel with a reverse sweeping low brace will skid either around in a thrilling onside turn.

I can only speak for one Shockwave
I had one dated '86 (first year made, I think). It is now owned by Sawyergeorge here on pnet. It is definitely not hogged. I don’t know what may have happened to the process later on.

Charlie, what do you mean when you say that a hull is hogged and what would cause a hull or mold to become hogged?



Hogged Hulls

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A "hogged" hull has it's keel line ends deeper in the water than it's center. This makes a boat less than ideal to handle.

Things that might hog a mold are solid supports towards hull center that allow the mold ends to droop over time. A split mold, from one stem into the hull center that allows a tumblehomed boat to be pulled out of one end of the mold will also hog a mold over time. Sawyer used two piece molds, so it wasn't the mold.

Assuming the mold is not hogged, the most common cause of hog in hulls themselves is vacuum bagging in unformed foam cores. Once the vacuum is taken off the foam tends to flatten back to it's pre construction shape.

The key with foam cores is to pre-heat them to a temp where they drape and form to the hull shape and "reset" to that shape as they cool. Wenonah seems to do this. Sawyer apparently did not. Scored foam conforms to shape, but that increases bedding resin and costs more.

Solid fabric hulls, like Placid's and Hemlocks do not hog. Use of Roving center partial sections or coremat centers will flatten the center slightly. [Compare the bottom shape of a Bell Black/Gold WildFire with a White/Gold!]

Hog can be induced in ABS hulls by shortening the thwarts.