Sawyer Solo 13 - Advice

I am a novice and have a chance to buy a Sawyer Solo 13. I want a canoe to for small lakes and

slow creeks. But this opportunity seems too good

to pass ($400 new). The questions I have is this

canoe stable enough for a novice and stable enough to fish out of?

Thanks for any information that you provide.

Heavy for a short canoe.

Heavy for Short Canoe
Any other information on stability - usage for fishing?

Sawyer Solo 13 - Advice
When I said “($400 new)” - it has been stored for 4+ years and never in the water.

Sawyer Solo 13, Coda
Sawyer made the hull in kevlar, glass and chopped glass layups, and with ,rarely, wood trim as well aluminum.

It’s a stable boat - one of the best entry/ intermediate solos of all time.

The length keeps the weight down, even the chopper gun version.

Unused for $400 - about right for chop, a wonderful deal if glass, a steal if Kevlar

I’d probably buy it at that price.
Where is it located?

No, just that its heavy if its 46 lbs,
the weight I’ve seen most reported for the boat. My solo Wenonah Sandpiper is 39 lbs in Roylex. I fish from it, works well, the Sawyer should do ok.

Thanks for the Information
I appreciate the information - I hope to have the canoe soon!!!

fishing boat
It’s a great boat and stable - for a 13 foot long solo canoe. Hope your expectations for stability are relative to solo canoes. Not stable compared to tandem canoes.

I used to fish out of solo canoes and when I was fishing I really appreciated longer boats…15 foot solo much better than a 14 and a 16 much better than a 15 - with fishing poles and stuff in the boat. You may be cramped in a 13 footer.