Sawyer Summersong footbraces


I just stumbled upon and lucked into purchasing a Sawyer Summersong this weekend and then stumbled upon this forum where people are talking about them. My initial impression is that this is a fun, lively, reasonably fast boat. The previous owner didn’t have the foot braces and I think I’d like them. does anyone know what they look like/how designed? Or better yet, where to get some? (if we can’t find some we’ll try to make something)

Thanks for any help.


Congratulations Ruth
I just bought my Summersong Monday and it came with a rudder and not footbaraces, so I can’t help you out with them. I agree that foot braces would be helpful if you’re going to sit rather than kneel in this boat. So far, I’ve only sat.

You might also try about a 220cm kayak paddle just for fun. Of course, you’ll get some water in the boat if you use a kayak paddle.

Is your Summersong kevlar or goldenglass layup? What year is it?

Happy paddling.

If your local canoe shop doesn’t carry them, you can order them from Wenonah. There are probably several other places that sell them, but they are the one place that I know off the top of my head.

Thanks…I’ll look into Wenonah.


“new” Summersong
My Summersong is Kevlar. 34 lbs or something like that. 1985 and barely used.

I don’t think I’ll be looking to paddle it like a kayak. I bet it would move out but I’m a pretty die hard “single blader”.

It will be fun for sit and switch or the more traditional canoe style-sitting or kneeling. Turns reasonably well(for a tracking hull) with a lean but watch out for the point where the lean accelerates rapidly…I was happy for my whitewater skills(low brace) when I was testing out the feel of the lean on(almost in) our still-chilly northern water.

chosen valley canoe accessories. Kevin has neat foot braces that can easily be pop riveted in.

I forgot to say…there are brackets for footbraces

in the boat already. that’s why I wonder what the original Sawyer design was.

Sawyer foot braces
The Autumn Mist I had used two aluminum tubes about 1" in diameter. One tube fit inside the other and the original design incorporated a compression spring inside the pair that allowed you to slip one end over a pair of notches on one side and pull the other end back to fit in the opposite notches. I was unable to get a spring with the correct rate and ended up with a clip to hold the braces after they were fit to the notches. You will find that after an initial adjustment period you will rarely move them.

Those brackets with notches are
what I had for the rear seat on my Sawyer 190. The brackets on my 1983 Summersong have holes for pins or bolts, not notches. The same spring loaded brace concept could be used, but the ends of the brace would need holes for a pin or bolt.

Sawyer foot braces
Thanks for the descriptions. My brackets have notches, not holes for pins. I looked at some footbraces from Bell today. they fasten in with pins. Wonder if the brackets in my boat could be drilled to match with those… I’ll have to look into that. Otherwise my friendly helper at the local store is researching…could take a while, though.

Time to go boating! :slight_smile:

Such a sweeeeeeet canoe!
Oops, that just slipped out - I was paddling my Summersong again tonight : )

I was just wondering if maybe a cut down spring-loaded curtain rod of proper diameter might suffice until you get the real thing. It wouldn’t be as sturdy, but may be better than nothing.

The phone # for Sawyer is 937-773-8337. I talked to Bruce Studebaker (Bruce and wife Irma are the new owners) earlier this evening to get dimensions of the Summersong to have a cover made for it by the Bag Lady. He said that he got very good response to the new Summersong that he recenlty took to a paddling event in PA. He said it was faster than the other offerings at that event. They plan to offer it in an ultralight layup that would be about 30lb. Man, what a sweeeeet boat that will be.

Maybe Bruce and Irma can help you out with the footbrace. I’m sure they’ll try.

wwwoc1 if you do not find the braces you
want get ahold of me after 15 Jun and I will help. Gone til then.


The footbrace is a Bar Which Goes
The bar goes across the canoe as a footbrace. It has a spring inside which pushes out on both ends of the bar. The ends of the bar fit over the notches you described.

I love my Summersong. Congratulations on yours…