Sawyer Summersong gunwale width?

The gunwale width on my 1989 (I think) goldenglass Summersong with aluminum gunwales and trim and three height sliding tractor seat is 21.5" from outside edge to outside edge, but the Superior Canoes website lists the gunwale width at 26" and I’ve seen some pictures of Summersongs that seem to have gunwale widths closer to 25" or 26".

So, What are the gunwale widths of the Summersongs that you own or have seen from outside edge to outside edge?


Gunwale Width
The spec. sheets that I have list the gunwale width at 22" and the width at the 4" waterline at 26". This is from the original Sawyer in Oscoda.


Thanks, that jibes with my Summersong.
I’m still curious to see if there are some out there with wider gunwale widths - maybe from the later incarnations of Sawyer.

My '87 goldenglass Summersong is about 22" at the gunnels and about 26" at at about the waterline. Since they have so much tumblehome, you are probably getting the waterline measurement and the gunnel width mixed.

My Notes
Indicate 22", That could be for wood, which will be wider than Alu, or could have been rounding if I was in a perverse attitude.

Anyway, It sure isn’t anything much beyond that, and I’ll guess molded rail beam is ~21". DY is away on family matters, and mentioning perverse, doesn’t have a cell phone!

This one looks wider than 22", but
it could be an optical illusion:

It does look very pretty with the wood rails and trim.