Hi. Can anyone tell me about the history of Sawyer canoes? I was kind of into racing about 25 years ago, and everyone (and I mean everyone) I knew had Sawyer canoes. Champ, Pro Boat, Cruiser, all seemed like great boats at the time. Now I NEVER see any around. I searched the web breifly, and see that there is a company by that name that produces some high-end canoes, but I don’t think it’s the same. Any info would be appreciated.

Here is some archived stuff from
several years ago.

A guy in Michigan has many of the molds for the sawyers, you can see them at

prices are pretty good too!

Thanks, wineman. I had found that website, but didn’t think it was the same Sawyer. Apparently they are reproducing some new versions of the old models. Their Cruiser is gorgeous.

I was wondering what happened to the Sawyer company of the 70s. Their boats were so prolific (at least in my area, New England), it was practically the only brand anyone had. Between my paddling group alone we must have had 8-10. They were fast and indestructable. Amazing that a manufacturer of such a popular boat apparently lost their footing in the market.

I recently looked at a 16’ Sport model which I believe was built in the mid-80s, but even that I think was not made by the original Sawyer company.

Thanks again.

I think Superior got the license to
build some of the old Sawyer models.

Swift Canoe in Ontario may have the rest. Swift built my Sawyer 190 in 1989 in Dwight Ontario.

And I don’t see that design resurrected anywhere… I think some of the molds went one way and others to Superior.

Old canoe models that resurface often have a twisted history and I am not quite sure what happened here.