I saw some old posts about Sawyer canoes and wanted to get in touch with him. You around George?

I haven’t been on here in a while. What can I do for you.


Keep bringing your fleet
to Raystown! I think my goal for next year is to paddle every one you bring.


Older Sawyers

I was looking for a Sawyer expert. A friend of mine got several Sawyers, the last of 'em ever built as Sawyers, in fact, when the shop was shuttered in Ohio in the early 2000’s (?). I am helping him sell the bulk of his fleet. I sold a Summersong and Shockwave last summer. When I get the next load, it contains two Solo 13s, a Starlight, and a 190. 1) Do you need one of these in your collection? 2) Do you have a 190 or have access to a 190 close? The 190 never got finished, it has no thwarts and seats, and I’m looking for someone to feed me the measurements so that I may finish it according to the original design.


You can also ask Swift Canoe
Sawyers were built in Ontario too. My 190 was built in 1989.

Unfortunately it is in Plattsburgh and I am not.

oh yeah
Kayakmedic I remember reading a thread that you had a 190…

Scott Smith of Superior Canoes is not making the 190…but he might have the specs if nobody else has one in their garage…


you might also chase down

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CE Wilson

Here is a little history of the Sawyers and Swift indicating why Swift Canoe Co might have the info..and the mold.

What does stick in my mind is the gunwale width was 34 inches and lacked any tumblehome

thanks joe
Me wife and I both still love the summersong. Thanks again for the delivery. Good luck with the sale of the rest.

Ryan L.

Sawyer Collecting
Hi Joe,

I have all of the Sawyer solo models except the Autumn Mist. I do not have a 190 because I have not found a good deal on one yet. Sawyer made so many canoes and I am a patient person, I just wait for good deals to come along. I have 4 nos seats that have been hard to acquire. I could finish the 190 if the price is right. If you send me an email with details and pictures maybe we could make a deal. I am curious about the Ohio Sawyers. What do you know about that part of Sawyer history and how did your friend get the left over canoes? What other models does he have? There are some models that I would really like to add to my collection but they are first generation models. The hardest to find will be the 24’ Saber because not many were made. I am waiting to hear of an all most new one hanging in someones barn for $100.00. The Canadian is another model I would like to find in great condition cheap. I am willing to purchase any of the models I do not have yet if the price is right. I would also like to trade my Golden Glass canoes for Kevlar. The trouble with wanting to collect all of the Sawyer models is that they made over 30 models.


The Ohio Sawyers
Bruce Studabaker and a partner whose name I do not remember purchased the Sawyer assets from Bob Lizzardi, who acquired them from a Sheriff’s sale when Bob Gramprie walked away from the company.

The Ohio Hulls were subcontracted for a while but the guys were unhappy with both quality and price. In the fall of 2005 Bruce, his son and Mick Woods came by Placid boatworks for a visit. They brought respirators and a motor home, stayed a couple nights and watched Joe and I laminate hulls.

They took images, notes, asked questions. All kinda sad, because contact lamination is an art; one feels the resin in the fabric through the roller as much as one sees that the fabric is wet, so they didn’t leave with much. We were switching to infusion that winter, which changed everything, including lamination schedules so we didn’t feel they were making off with anything but historical information.

Sawyer Ohio may have had an 06, of sorts but there was no 07, and Steve Smith bought some of the molds from their bank for a song, or songs, depending on one’s view.

thats funny
My Ohio sawyer I got from Joe has quality issues but not in the lay up. There are really dumb issues with a few rivots and just sloppy hanging brackets. They would of had a way better boat with just a little effort.

Ryan L.

Ohio Sawyers
Yeah Ryan, your Sawyer was actually better on the finish work than another I was bringing back. The Shockwave I had was much, much worse. It was like they had a kid drilling the holes for the rivets and the thwarts. I was able to fix up that Shockwave pretty good and do a little epoxy work, and a buyer bought a never-paddled factory second Shockwave for 1/2 MSRP. I should have kept it!!!

George, please email me when you get a chance. My intention is to finish assembly of the 190 but I will let it go as-is, a never paddled boat, for a great deal. I have it in Washington DC. Is that not too far from you? joewildlife at is my email address.

Mick Wood did get this boat from the factory in Ohio as it was being closed down. He was instrumental in getting some of the Sawyer molds to Superior Canoes (Scott Smith).


I am also going to sell a Sawyer Starlight of this vintage. This boat is finished and I think it is finished much better than the Summersong and Shockwave that I’ve spoke of earlier. The 190 came out of the mold and all the finish work just never did get done. The Starlight and the 190 will be for sale…if someone wants one around the DC area they should let me know now, before I transport them home to SE Missouri.

Joe joewildlife at

Ron Sell Unidilla Outfitters
Ron Sell of Unidilla Outfitters bought bare 190 hulls from Sawyer’s first iteration and trimmed them himself. He must have thwart and seat width and placement data.

SteveT probably has contact info.

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