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three instances of good people in the retail end of paddlin’

  1. e-mailed Hurricane Aqua Sports midmorning using their “Contact Us” website link re the press type lettering on the stern of my new Tampico 135S. The graphics were slightly skittering askew. Would’ve been happy to get an answer this year… but in just a few hours Brad Taylor of Hurricane answered - he is mailing ASAP the decal for the word, plus some extra decals.

  2. bought some more articles of paddlin’ wear from the clearance site for Bomber Gear on eBay. In the process I asked what were probably semi-stupid newby questions and Rick (aka BomberRob) was gracious enough to answer them in detail, so I made my bids, won four auctions and thanked him. Package arrived last night and not only were the four items as promised, but Rick included even more items - three sweet little halter stops two mini clear drybags and a BomberGear skullcap in my size which I really needed but could not find - with a nice note about positivity.

  3. Lastly but not leastly I e-mailed a question re paddles and paddle angle to Quiet World kayak instructional School in Jackson, MI and not only did I get my questions answered, but it came via a kind phone call from the school’s director, Bruce Clevenger, who invited me to audit the class again, as their guest, that Sunday. He also guided me to the purchase from their demo stock of a sweet Bending Branches Evening Breeze paddle with an adjustable graphite ferrule, perfectly matched to my kayak.

    This has all happened in the last two weeks. So many good affirmations. Just wanted to acknowledge these fine people.

more the norm than exception
i find most people in the trade want to be helpful.


Fortunately common
Yes, I’ve found most people around the dedicated end of paddling whether in sales, training, or simply paddling tend to be positive and enjoyable folk who genuinely care about the sport and its participants.

It is one of the things a greatly enjoy about this endeavor :wink:

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now that wasn’t really very nice

I sent an e-mail to evergreen canoes asking about how they set up their starburst (as I was fixing up an old one from blue hole). They had the head builder reply, giving all the detailed specs for the boat, and his method of assembling them. Completely generous, as I was not even their customer (but, with service like that, I hope to be some day).

And, as usual, I will put in a good word for Northwater Rescue and a new favourite, Salus PFD’s. I’ve had wonderful service from all of these companies.

I’ve never had bad service, though sometimes i disagree over particular ideas (the classic arguments over paddle feathering, euro/greenland, best canoe material - nothing that can actually be decided).

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It didn’t. Surprise. Don’t bring your tone to me unless you can back it up.

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you want a piece of me? bring it on! step outside!

sorry! you said g. thought it said b.

You’re baad.

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seems to know how to how to give good Customer service. I have contacted them several times and have always gotten great service.

I certainly don’t care if you think I am
an ass. Or anyone else on here. I am confident of what I post. So deal with it.

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might fit better on the Paddlers Discussion forum. It is not clear how it qualifies as advice, suggestions, or help.

that’s fairly obvious

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