SC - North Tyger river

Has anyone done the stretch of the North Tyger from SC-49 to SC-121 within the past year? Trying to put together a float plan for this July and would appreciate any helpful input. There will be some canoes and some yaks. I have read that there are some Class II riffles along the first four miles of this trip and I do not want to over-extend the ability of the group.

This year
I hope to paddle from 176 to shelton later this year. I’ve done the Ennory from just below 49 to Whitmire twice and from Whitmire to Shelton once both are very nice trips. I think that at hwy 49 it’s just the Tyger the north and south merge farther upstream. If you are camping you will need a free permit from the Sumter National forest which the union office will fax to you. If the Tyger is like the Enoree (which everything I have read says that they are twins) take a chain saw. Every trip thay I have done on the Enoree have been slowed down by trees across the river. No portaging required when you have a chainsaw :slight_smile:


thanx, scabpacker
that’s why there be canoes on this trip: coolers, chainsaw, and dutch ovens!

Check out some
Enoree River pictures from some of my trips

I hope that you find the same kind of giant sandbars to camp on that we usually do

Great for hanging out and drinking beer


Paddled this section March 13,2004

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check out the trip report and slideshow.

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Those Enoree River pics look great many days was your trip and what kind of water was it (ie: rapids..calm?)

Edit: I found the other pages on your site that show a bit more..great looking stuff..! Just a few trees down across once in awhile eh?

Very interesting...hehe..(that niggling interest almost always leads to a trip..hehe..)


rvhwk - great report and pics.
I am the one that filed the report on the Lynches River last fall before your group took the October trip. I hope that it helped you. So, the Tyger has nothing above fast flatwater at the 5 foot mark? I was led to believe that there are some riffly stretches in the first four miles below the 49 bridge.