Scale Model kayaks??

I was wondering if any companies out there in the world make actuall scale model kayaks. And I dont mean little toy kayaks which are just made up kayaks. I mean actuall scale models of actuall commercial kayak models. For example, maybe a scale model Ocean kayak scrambler or necky chatham 16 or something like that. Besides the chesapeake wooden kayak models, are there any other scale model kayaks?? I saw an advertisement of a man holding a little trident 15 and putting it into a tackle box… which leads me to wonder if companies such as ocean kayak ever makes little replicas of their own boats. Also, one time at mountain shop, I saw a scale model mad-river canoe, a confluence watersports boat. Flatpick- has confluence watersports ever made scale models, or a model company ever made any after your designs?? Just think how cool it would be if I could get my hands on a scale model Pamlico 140. Just think- having a little model of your real boat for the office or whatever!!

Git yer self a hunk’a wood
a wood carvin’ knife an’ a ruler an’ make yer own. Careful wit de carvin’ knife… yer’ll knock yer eye out, kid.


No rubber ducky for me…

Eddyline - Fathom only
Not sure about detail of work but try—


Custom made perhaps??
Do you guys think a custom model boat builder could make one if requested?? Do you think any custom model makers could make a wooden Pamlico 140 if requested?? I e-mailed Waterspirit in regardes about that, still waiting for a reply.

Get a log and chop 2 pointy ends on
it,bore a hole in the middle and there you have it.

I found this!
I was looking on google for scale model kayaks, and I came upon this picture.

Dejavu hit me like two trains. Its a photo a graphic designer photoshopped so that real kayaks look like toys. Whats even more quiencidental, the 3 short kayaks are Pamlico 120s. the 3 taller ones are Pamlico 140s!! And, lastly that yellow one on the far left side is a Pungo 140. Look closley, you will clearly see that those three are Pamlico 140s. Notice how the waterline length is almost equal to the deck length- notice how on the yellow pamlico 140- you can see the WS logo as well as the indented curve where the deck bungees are bolted in, as only pamlicos have that design feature. lastly, notice the low rocker. I am positive there are 3 pamlico 140s in that picture.

I just thought its facinating how I post about trying to get my hands on a miniature Pamlico 140 and I come accross a doctored picture of full sized pamlico 140s to resemble toys.

If you use Google Chrome it includes

When you’re holding a hammer
everything starts looking more and more like a nail…


Model Baidarka

scale canoe & kayak models
There is a very informative website that sells very affordable, quality, hand crafted canoe and kayak model kits, as well as the finished models. Many to choose from. Buy direct from the website or Ebay. Plus lots of "how to"videos, information and other links. Fun site to visit.

Scale Models of Kayaks
Did you ever find a scale model of a kayak? I have a model of an Ocean Kayak Malibu Two that I got about 25 years ago from a dealer when I bought my first kayak. I was thinking of listing it on Ebay. Are you interested in it?