Scam or not?

Guy said he sold them for 400. Not sure if that was for both or one. He got mad when I ask him.

Listing said $40,000.00

Good deal.

Deals come along sometimes. Those could be in rougher shape than the pictures make them look, and it’s a time of year when somebody might sell something cheap. I got my Necky Looksha IVs (fiberglass) for $450 in the middle of the summer and while it’s well used it would have looked as good as those kayaks in a photo. So $400 each would certainly be feasible. The fact that he marked them as sold seems to indicate it’s not a scam directed at you. If it were, he’d tell you they’re still available and try to get you to fall for the scam. You’re probably just as well not dealing with him if he gets mad when you ask a question.

Of course, they could have been stolen and he just wanted to unload them as fast as possible.

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I take pictures of anything I buy at their house. Pictures of all the license plates, and bill of sale from them.

They’re not in bad shape as I look at them.

What is the blue one? White is a Solstice.

On Long Island nothing but Sandy landings.

Maybe he changed the price when he sold them to further discourage people from contacting him.

No he can take the ad down to stop inquiries. It was that way from the begining 40 grand. I would have bought them for speculation for 400.

Sure do. A couple of years ago an Impex Montauk and a Perception Eclipse Aaralite were posted on FB Marketplace for $400 for the pair, plus accessories (paddles, vests, spray skirts, about 20 minutes from me. I looked the guy up, he appeared legit. Turns out these were well loved kayaks that he and his wife used regularly, stored inside, and they were giving up the sport due to age. Both boats did need some minor work – the Impex needed new hatch covers and the Perception needed some minor tweaking. The Perception makes a great kayak for my wife and for visitors due to its stability. The Impex, on the other hand, is a bit too “sporty” and at some point I’ll sell it. Should probably have done that last spring due to supply issues…

Several years ago my brother in law got a Perception Carolina, paddle and life jacket for free. Of course, I gave it to him but, still…

I’ve been a buyer and seller on Craigslist and FB marketplace for years and am often chagrinned at how posters will neglect to proofread their ads. The x100 price absurdity is fairly common when people have become used to entering all the digits in form fields that allow for the automatic insertion of a decimal point.

There really is no excuse but carelessness for ad errors. FB Marketplace posting is clunky (like everything else on FB, the options and user ease are crap) but still readily editable. CL is pretty much dummy-proof and simple and you are given a full draft review that is easily edited before final public posting.

Yes, diligent monitoring of such marketplaces can yield tremendous deals if you are prepared to know what you are looking at, act fast, show up and flash cash. I’ve been a “go to” for years for friends and family to locate boats for them and have acquired at least a dozen nice touring kayaks for $400 or less, more often than not with decent paddles, PFD’s and even skirts included in the deal. My most recent find was a gorgeous skegged composite 15’ Perception Avatar that only needed a new backband and the rubber hatch inner covers for $300 sold by a non-paddler cleaning out his barn. I got the hatches and seat back from Topkayaker for around $100 and already had a skirt that was an exact fit. Doubt I will beat that deal any time soon but you never know.

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Amazon accidentally advertised the Canon 600mm lens for $99.99 as part of a Amazon Prime deal. It’s a $12,999.00 lens. They honored the price for the nine people that ordered it before they caught the error.

Tragically, I was not one of them.


I would have jumped on that…and I’m a Nikon guy. :slight_smile:

Divorce Boats? Several years ago I bought a waveski worth about $1500 from a woman in an expensive neighborhood in Delmar Ca for $300. She through in a bag for it and extra paddles made in Australia that I later learned were pricey. It ended up hubby had run off with his mistress, and their court settlement said she should sell his sports equipment and send him the check for what ever honest offers she got. She said I could offer $100 but I thought that was just cruel.