Scanoe anchoring system

Howdy folks, Is there a store-bought anchoring system for a Scanoe? If not, do you have any suggestions? I looked at the LL Bean outrigger system but it didn’t look real sturdy. I am planning on using it on all types of stillwater and slower stretches of my favorite steelhead river. Thanks in advance. RR

If its soft bottom, just buy a 3-5
barbell plate from wally world, tie line one, thow the thing out. Works like a charm.

Thanks, but
Thanks for your reply. I’ve been using a system real similar to what you suggest. I want something a little more predictable in river current. Your method works great for lakes. RR

Small anchors
How about these?

Depending on how much current, if the
bottom is soft, then a 8 lb mushroom anchor should work, or a 15 lb for heavier current. But if that won’t hold, you may not want to anchor anyway.

Anchor Pulley System components
Thanks for the replies. I want to rig up a sturdy anchor pulley system. Where can I get a good locking pulley that I can release without leaving my seat? I have a plastic Scott for my pontoon boat but I want something sturdier for my Scanoe. Thanks, Jim