Scanoe stability

-- Last Updated: May-21-14 10:22 AM EST --

I just purchased a 14' Coleman Scanoe and have plans on paddling 3 1/2 miles to a camping spot with my wife,dog, and camping gear. The dog is 60 lbs and my concern is if he moves around will the scanoe become unstable or tip. I have not had a chance to take this boat out yet so I don't have a feel for it. Basically I will have this boat at its limits so I understand it is not ideal. Some paddling experience but no expert by any means. Thanks for the input.

Other paddling background?
Someone is going to ask, no info from you to tell that.

Any Canoe Can Be Dumped
But you will have to really screw up to capsize a Scanoe, even with an active canine. Very stable, SLOW, boat, but good for fishing. Have a friend who had one for years and she misses hers.