I live in a private community with a small 66 acre lake that I like to fish. I have a boat but can’t use it on the lake because I have a gas motor attached. There are canoe racks at the lake where I could leave a canoe for convenience. Since I am not experienced with a canoe I figure a scanoe would be a safe first canoe for fishing. The problem I am having is locating a used or even where to purchase a new scanoe. I would prefer used. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you

What is a …
scanoe? A square back canoe?

Gheenoe makes a fine one. I owned a New River that I liked a lot. Grumman has a ‘sportsman’ that is wide enough to make anyone feel ‘stable’.

The sawed off rear does not contribute to stabitlity. It just serves as a great place to mount a motor. Or swing a stroke around the stern.



consider a pack canoe
You can access a ~20-25 lb, used, pack canoe for under a $K. Light, sit on a seat off the bottom, use a kayak paddle. Try Pnet classified;; look for Bell BuckTail, Hemlock, Hornbeck or Savage or GRE’s Wee Lassie. Wenonah has a Wee Lassie, new this year for ~ #1K if used fails.

You probably want a 12 footer and aluminum rails if it’s to sit out on a rack for most/all the year.

That Square Stern…

– Last Updated: Mar-16-08 1:24 AM EST – there solely to allow for the mounting of a motor - good for an electric trolling motor, tho, if that's an option you want.
Otherwise, it really doesn't contribute much if anything to stability. The hull's design - the beam, length, how the underwater sections are shaped - determines how stable the canoe is and how it handles. Safety is a function of both the boat's design and the paddler's skills and judgement.
The only square-stern I've paddled was a Coleman Scanoe, which I found to be a heavy, lumbering, wind-catching beast of a boat whose only reputed virtues were that it was virtually indestructable, and could haul two men, their gear and their moose.
If you don't want to use a motor, there are an awful lot of solid, steady double-enders out there that are as safe as any square-stern; it's far, far more likely that you'll hit a good used boat that you'll enjoy paddling if you're open to both types, because the double-enders probably outnumber the square-sterns by 100 to 1 or more.

lots of options
other than a scanoe, fishing from a kayak is very popular, and growing, so finding out how to rig a kayak and using others experience to choose one is pretty easy. a motor is not required on a 66 acre lake, you should be able to fish that in a kayak easy. plus a paddle craft will be quieter, your neighbors will thank you. plus you will also get the benefits of exercise.

have a look at or the kayak fishing section of pnet.

good luck and good fishing

Ask Joko…
That be one fishin’ crazed Quebecer! I saw the photos he posted of his fishin’ rig. He’s got everyt’ing on board except the grill to cook 'em!