School Project

I have to do a school project with an interview in it and I was wondering if anyone can help me out. Explain in as much detail as you can please and preferably before Friday the 17th of October 2008.

  1. What was your first kayak?
  2. Why did you choose that type?
  3. Do you own more then one now?
  4. How often do you go out? As much as you want to?
  5. What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why?
  6. What is your dream boat and why?

    Thank you for helping me out - Megan Barber

Here you go:
1. nine foot long Keowee

2. because it was the cheapest

3 yes

4. two or three times -yes

5.Lakes, ocean, rivers, swamps - because they are there

6.My wife -because she is nice.




  1. First paddled was a Perception Acadia. First purchase was a Liquid Logic Manta Ray 14
  2. The Acadia was a loaner boat. The Manta Ray was nice and cheap
  3. Yep, added a Perception Torrent
  4. 1 or 2 times a month. Never as much as I want.
  5. I prefer warm, wet water – or at least, not too cold. Nothing above class II.
  6. Currently drooling over a Cobra Expedition and a Skua


My Answers

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1. Dagger Animas. When I started out I was interested in WW kayaking.
2. Advice of first instructor (he was as turkey and so was the boat)
3. Yes
4. 3 or 4 times a week (I live on a lake). No.
5. Great Lakes. Scenery and challenge.
6. Building a skin-on-frame and taking it out in rough water. This is a project for this winter. I don't have a single dream boat, only other boats I would like to have in addition to what I now have.

Good Luck!

a bit more details from me
Megan, not sure what kind of school project you are doing (I wish I has projects like that for school) but since you asked “as much detail as you can”:

1)my first kayak was a used composite Necky Tesla. It was a ruddered sea kayak that was large and wide and kind of fitted me for a beginner boat. Came with a sail and an electric bilge pump. Lovely teal/purple color scheme (not); very 80’s. It was a used one and I had no choice :slight_smile:

2)I purchased the kayak because I wanted to diversify from my backpacking. Summers are too hot to walk with a pack (I live in Australia) and being on a water made sense. Sea kayaking would allow me to go on camping trips even in the middle of the hottest summer.

3)Currently I still own my first kayak but I have 4 other ones that have no rudders. I have progressed from mere paddling to sea kayaking and enjoy rougher wateres now where a ruddered boat gets damaged easily.

4)I paddle most w/e. Half of those, I try to go on a camping trip. Possibly I would love to paddle more often on extended trips (more than 3 days)

5)I love the ocean. It’s challenging and requires skills. Kayaking to me must be exciting, not just a boring form of exercise (I do not do gyms).

I love rough water and a bit of surfing. Still water is unappealing. Paddling along a remote rocky coast is my favourite.

6)My dream boat can’t be narrowed to one only. Depending on conditions. I would love to own a Feathercraft Katsalano for exotic trips overseas. For expeditions I am currently happy in my Impex Assateague Carbon/Kevlar however the Valley Aquanaut HV could be my next kayak.


Be happy to…

  1. Cheasapeak Light Craft 17
  2. Wanted something that could carry gear, and

    building myself appealed to me.
  3. Yes
  4. Average about twice a week. No
  5. Large lakes (Great Lakes) My boat likes to be

    paddled in places like that
  6. To many to list

Good luck on the grade

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why?

6) What is your dream boat and why?

  1. A Current Design’s “Kestrel” which is a polyethylene 12 foot recreational style kayak

  2. I liked the length, shape and size of it plus Current Design donated the kayak when they found out I was going to make a solo 512 mile 30 day trip which was also a fund raiser for the Georgia Diabetic Research Foundation.

  3. No

  4. 2 - 7 days a week. Yes

  5. I prefer moving water on creeks and rivers. Rivers are where I started paddling. I grew up playing and swimming in small creeks and rivers so I consider it a full circle of life because I am back where I started and I love it.

  6. Sorry but I have no dream boat. I live my dreams in the boat I now paddle. Should I change boats I will continue paddling the dreams.

    Richard Grove - “Georgia Kayaker”

My first…
1) What was your first kayak?

A granite gray Old Town Loon 111

2) Why did you choose that type?

Because it was very stable and reasonably priced.

3) Do you own more than one now?

Yes, I have 3, including the Old Town Loon 111, a little Necky Sky, and a Wilderness System Tsunami 140…plus my husband has 2 more kayaks! Storage is getting to be an issue!

4) How often do you go out? As much as you want to?

Maybe 1-2 a month…but I would LOVE to go out much more!!

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why?

I like lakes and rivers because I paddle for relaxation, as well as exercise…I am not into the adrenaline rush.

6) What is your dream boat and why?

I presently own a pretty mango Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 and I am very happy with it…so for now that is fine. (Not to say that I don’t lust after an EddyLine or Avocet every now and then!)

Megan, good luck with your school project, let us know how it turns out!! (The students at my school would love this subject!)

I’ll Help, Too!!
1) What was your first kayak?

An inflatable by Kwik Tek. The Airhead TK-1

2) Why did you choose that type?

It was inexpensive and I wanted an inflatable for storage and transportation concerns.

3) Do you own more then one now?

Yes, I own 2.

4) How often do you go out? As much as you want to?

I’ve been out 3 times now. I’ve only had the boats for about a month. I do not get out as much as I would like to.

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why?

Flatwater lakes. It’s the only option I have really.

6) What is your dream boat and why?

I would like to have an Innova Sunny because it’s a high quality inflatable and I’ve read a lot of good reviews of it.


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1) Two Ocean Kayak Scupper Pros (Bought as set)
2) They were in classifieds at the right price and I researched after I saw the ad and they were highly recommended
3) Yes, 2. Until recently had 4.
4) Go out in summer 1 day per month, fall, winter, spring go out 1 day per month and 4 or 5 3-4 day trips and one long 8-day trip. Do I go out as often as I like - sometimes. I'd like to go out more if my wife and daughters would join me but they're not into kayaking.
5) Favorite type of water is flat - slow running rivers or ocean/gulf areas - as long as the air temperature is cool 40's to 70's.
6) I have my dream boat - Current Designs Solstice GTS - kevlar. It is my dream boat because it is a great kayak and does everything I want/need it to do for long 8 plus day trips to day paddles. It handles wind and waves/chop very well and is fast. I got very lucky and found a used one priced low AND my wife said I could get it. I was not worthy of such a fine boat.
7) Oh. There is no 7. I figure this is for a marketing class or someone from a manufacturer/contemplating making kayaks is doing research?

1) What was your first kayak? Old Town Otter

2) Why did you choose that type? It was the only boat I could afford at the time.

3) Do you own more then one now? Yes plus a couple of canoes

4) How often do you go out? As much as you want to? I live in Minnesota. Once a week at least from spring until late fall. Not nearly as much as I want to.

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why? Lakes. Its fun to explore close to shore. Doing this I have seen moose and otter.

6) What is your dream boat and why? A genuine Seliga Tripper. They are beautiful and a good boat for the boundary waters.

Yes Im more into canoeing than kayaking.

Great Project – Here R My Responses

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1) What was your first kayak? Cobra Escape.

2) Why did you choose that type? Based on the design and weight of the kayak

3) Do you own more then one now?
No I sold the Cobra Escape and purchased a Manta Ray 12 about 2 months ago. I did at one time own 10 kayaks and had an outdoor group in Orlando and I would allow those who didn't own a kayak to use as a loaner.

4) How often do you go out? As much as you want to?
I use to go out every weekend, but I'm more focused on destinations these days. When time permits, my husband and I try to fit in a local kayak camping trip or kayak fishing.

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why? I would say my favorite area is the Everglades. I find the challenge of this area to be very unique. I will paddle the Suwannee River this Thanksgiving, but for now the Everglades is the best to me.

6) What is your dream boat and why?
Manta Ray 12, which is no longer a dream. I feel it is one of the best designed kayaks for camping / fishing.

Good luck on your project!

Kayak questions
1. My first kayak was a Carolina 16

2.I chose it because it was long,stable,kind of roomy, and had a rudder. My sister-in-law had one that I tried out, and I liked it better than about 5-6 other types of kayaks I had tried.

3.I have 2 others now, a Wilderness Sys. Cape Lookout, and an Epic GP–33lb.

4. I’ve gotten out 1-2 times/month this summer, not nearly enough. I’d prefer at least 1-2 times/week. I prefer going out with someone else, seems to be hard to find convenient times and perfect weather

5. I prefer quiet slow rivers-no rapids or excitement for me, or calm lakes with little other boat traffic.-I don’t like feeling like a pedestrian on a freeway.

6. Dream boat–no specific boat. A cross between the Cape Lookout- I love the feel, stability and rudder of that one, and the Epic-I love the light weight.

Reply for you
(1) Dagger Red Line white water kayak

(2) I chose that type based on acceptable price, was being sold by a friend who i could trust, it was avalable then an now, he would accept monthly payments, and the boat met my needs

(3) I now own 4

(4) I paddle on average once a week

(5) Class 3 - 3+ white water in a river. It is my favourite because it is exciting and meets my level of competence and skill and at the same time is challenging enough.

(6) No one dream boat. One is a white water kayak that is light to carry and maneouver, basic stability with good size volume of atleast 60 gallons, can take the handling i give it, easy to roll and not too expensive. Also, an ocean kayak that has enough volume to carry items for some overnight tripping, is stable, light and fast. Third boat is a tandem canoe which is light for one person to carry, good secondary stability and room to carry goods for overnight tripping.


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1)Wilderness Systems Pamlico 140-Red
2)Its style/Physical looks and good performance. I can get it to 5MPH, a decent speed.
3) No, Just the Pamlico 140
4)Only 5 months a year. In the summer, about once a week. I live in Fort Collins,Co, and its elevation is 6500', so it gets way too cold for paddling the off season
5)Anything Open-Water. Lakes, reservoirs, Sea
6)Wilderness Systems Pamlico 140.

BTW- I hope you dont mind me asking, but what type of project is this for??

And, are you in High school?? Im a sophomore at Fort Collins High school.

My answers
1) What was your first kayak?

A Dagger Freefall LT, whitewater kayak

2) Why did you choose that type?

I was getting into whitewater kayaking, and this was advertised as a forgiving beginner design able to handle many types of whitewater

3) Do you own more then one now?

Yup, I now own 4 kayaks

4) How often do you go out? As much as you want to?

About a dozen times or more. It is never as much as I want to. I’d rather be out every weekend.

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why?

I like all water, although I am partial to rivers, since I feel more connected to the water I am paddling when I have to pay attention to turns, currents, obstructions, etc. I suppose my absolute favorite water is easy rapids with good scenery along the way.

6) What is your dream boat and why?

A light, durable solo canoe. It can do everything a kayak can, plus hold more gear, is easier to get in and out of, is more photogenic, allows me to sit, kneel or stand as the conditions dictate, and is much easier to lug over the miles of portages I find myself having to do on occasion.


An interview is an interactive process where the interviewer begins by asking a question, and then depending upon the answer, asks follow-up questions on the same topic, or steers the conversation to a new topic.

Posting a few questions on a web forum, and then not even bothering to follow-up on any of the replies (or even bother to say “thank you”) is probably not what your teacher had in mind.

1) What was your first kayak?

Venus10 Ocean Kayak

2) Why did you choose that type?

It was a Birthday gift.

3) Do you own more then one now?


4) How often do you go out? As much as you want to?

once or twice a month. Would go more often, but have other duties/hobbies.

5) What is your favorite type of water to paddle in? Why?

Salt Water Rivers along the barrier islands. Get to see dolphins, visit the islands and explore.

6) What is your dream boat and why?

I want a regular kayak that has some speed and stability to it - brand name doesn’t matter, but I can’t keep up with everyone else in my little sit on top and it’s only good for warm weather.

School Project
1) What was your first kayak?

Dagger Cypress

  1. Why did you choose that type?

Seemed appropriate and was recommended by outfitter

  1. Do you own more then one now?

Yes - 6, 4 sea, 2 ww

  1. How often do you go out? As much as you want to?

1-3 times a week. Not really as much as I would like.

  1. What is your favorite type of water to paddle in?

    Coastal sea especially the Maine Coast


Beautiful, fun and varied

  1. What is your dream boat and why?

The one I am enjoying most at the time I am thinking thusly. Because it makes me smile most.

my answers
1 and 2) I bought 2 Perception Sundances 9.5 because they were in my price range and recommended at the shop. (I bought 2 because I didn’t know anyone else who owned one and needed a second so I could bring a friend.)

3)I have added a used Perception Stikine, so now I have 3.

4) The last 2 years I’ve only been out a few times, everyone seems to be too busy to get out there with me.

5) Rivers with some easy (class 1 and 2) rapids.

6)My dream boat is any one I actually get to use regularly.