Schroon Lake area

I’m going to be camping at Lake George for a long weekend in Oct. and want to take a day trip to explore the Schroon Lake area. Would love to put together a combo paddling-hiking day trip. If not do-able, than either a paddling trip or a hiking trip. This is a group of college frat brothers getting together (in our 50’s), so moderate is the key word here. Anyone ever paddle on the lake or on Schroon River? There’s a river trip I’ve found, about 15 miles, which, if there’s decent flow in the river would be OK. I don’t, however, want to spend 10 hours on sluggish water,if you know what I mean(those in the group would kill me). Any ideas or suggestions?


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Scroon Lake's shores are highly developed and is in no way, as scenic as most of Lake George, beyond the village. Our paddling group which often paddles every stretch of Lake George, does not even give Scroon a thought to paddle on. However, the huge number of hiking trails in the nearby Pharoah Lake Wilderness are has many options of easy flat pond hikes, mountain hikes, loops, etc. Not knowledgable on the river itself.

Try Putnam Pond
In the same area is Putnam Pond - it’s on the east side of the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Access is from the state campground on the pond. It’s a fair sized small lake, and has several hiking trails leading from it’s shores. We hiked to Rock Pond and Little Rock Pond from the northern end of the lake. Use in the fall should be light. I think they allow small motors, but the few times I’ve paddled it, it was quiet.

Also check out Paradox Lake - you can paddle and then hike to Peaked Hill from the trailhead reachable only from the water. Again, launch at the state campground. There’s no charge, I believe, in the Fall for entry to the launches.

Don’t miss paddling on Lake George, of course. Huddle Beach in Bolton Landing out to the Narrows and Paradise Bay is my favorite. Northwest Bay is not bad, either.

Cheers, AAM

Second those ideas
The Schroon Lakeshore is just plain ugly. I don’t know if it is really possible to completely ruin an Adirondack Lake, but the folks at Schroon Lake are making their best effort at doing so.

What they said
Schroon Lake is almost totally rd-bound.

Lake George,despite what you may have heard, is magnificent off season (but only off season). You can do some great paddle/hike combinations in the Narrows, NW Bay, & Tongue Mt range. A paddle to E shore will yield numerous trails to more spectacular destinations. The 3.6m from Black Mt point to Shelving Rock is flat,level, & jaw-droppingly beautiful. Climb some of mtns on E shore if you’ve energy remaining. Enjoy !

Schroon River/Lake
I have paddled the river through to the end of the lake in May and June during high water. There is a put in above the lake and probably a 5 mile meandering paddle until you reach the lake. This is a nice paddle. The lake, however, is nothing spectacular. The water may be low enough now that you would have to paddle more than I did to reach the lake. There is a little swimming beach and boat launch on the west side, maybe a mile after you reach the lake. Taking out here would minimize the lake portion of the paddle. The put in is at a DEC fishing access site off Route 74.