Schuykll River Day Trip Suggestions

Would like to find some info of a good put-in and Take out for the river in-between Reading and South to Pottstown. Would like to find a nice leisurely 8hr tour. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Schuylkill river
The Schuylkill River Greenway association has an awesome booklet with maps. It has maps of the river as well as advice and locations of all the launches. It shows the rapids and classes, the hazards and dams, pretty much everything you need to know. You can get it along with a packet of larger maps from A&N Outfitters in Wyomissing. I just got it yesterday. The two maps together cost $25, but they seem to be well worth it. We are planning our first trip on the river for Wednesday, but looking at north of Reading.

Haven’t paddled it yet but…

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I have not paddled the river yet, but I picked up the maps last year in preperation for a trip cancelled for rain. The maps were exellent.

I posed a similar question concerning
the Schuylkill River but was asking about places to put in and take out further South of where you are talking about. I was interested in areas closer to Valley Forge. “Pa-paddler” had some excellent advice on the Schuylkill river. Take a look on the message board called “Getting Together and Going Paddling.” Just this past Friday, I posted a message on it entitled, "Schuylkill River Near Valley Forge Park. Take a look at the info that is posted there as well.