Scioto River advice?

Good morning from Maine. :slight_smile:

My co-author/friend and I are going to be boating down the Scioto River from Big Walnut Creek to the Ohio River in Portsmouth in a couple of weeks. We’re wondering if anyone has info on places we’ll have to portage and also any good spots to ‘overnight’ on the way down. Maybe where food and facilities are within walking distance of the bank? Any information you can provide will be very helpful. We’re two old farts off on an adventure that begins in Ohio and ends at Key West…and writing a novel along the way. Thank you! Kaz

Chillicothe and south
All is well in that stretch. They may be some low spots in some of the meanders, but the rest is good. I started about 1 mile south of town.

Also, if you know any Shawnee Indian history, Chillicothe was their chief village many moons ago. The Scioto river is loaded with history of the Shawnee. Keep a keen eye out for arrowheads along the way, especially as pass the big sand bars.

Piketown, Jasper, and Rosemount are at river edge. I didn’t stop at any places, but it’s close.

Scioto River advice
Thank you so much for the information. It’s very helpful. I’ve been reading a bit about the history of the area, too. Very interesting!

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. :slight_smile:


Wow how was your trip and whats the title of the book? :smile:

Sounds fun and adventurous.