Scioto River in Ohio

I was trying to find out about making a trip on the Scioto River from south of Columbus to the Ohio river. All I can find is about outfitters doing day trips along the way. What is want to know is what the river is like along the route, camping or places to , how far is it , best time of year ,about how long it should take and any body out there made this trip, if so how did it go. Is there any information out there on the web about travel on the Scioto river?

I used to live in Ohio and drove acrossed the scioto many times in Chilicothe. The river looks like a big mud hole to me. I have seen hydroplane races on it before, but it would not be my choice for a river trip.

Scioto Canoe Livery
I’m sure they can provide you with information.


Scioto River
I went from Circleville to Chillicothe. The total distance is 29 miles (GPS) and took approximately 10 hours to complete on two different trips. There are plenty of sites to camp along the bank. Some were covered with fishing pole holders and some were not. Not a bad trip, easy to launch and exit.