Scirocco vs Zephyr 160 - Want to add a plastic playboat to the fleet

I’ve seen old posts but would like to ask if anyone can speak directly having paddled both a Scirocco and a Zephyr 160. I am looking to add a plastic playboat to the fleet for surfing and rougher environments . I have a kevlar Gulfstream, so pretty much know the Scirocco but really would like to know how a Zephyr 160 might compare for overall control and responsiveness. I think the Zephyr may have a better fitting seating system to allow for more feel and connection to the boat but have not yet actually paddled one. I would also like to know which boat actually has more rocker. Any input as to edging and control between these two models would be appreciated. I have other CD, Necky and WS yaks. Thanks for any assist here!

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