Scorpio and Scorpio LV

the new Scorpio from P&H have been finally arriving - and most PH dealers have them. Marshall posted a good review - and folks finding it a nice boat in all sorts of conditions - and enjoying the family resemblance to the Cetus as well.

Scorpio LV mould is now back and will be sorting out all the parts and pieces - so probably over in the states by September. Cetus LV is next…anxious for that one as well.


PH - Asheville, NC office.

do you have the dimensions?
I was wondering the LVs were going to be strictly LV versions or if they would be a bit shorter as well.

re: Scorpio vs Scorpio LV

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I had a opportunity to demo Marshall's Scorpio for about 2 hours on the Hudson. It is a wonderful craft. The boat is well made and a delight to handle. The Scorpio has a very nice blend of tracking and maneuverability. The boat's secondary stability is the best I have seen in any kayak I have personally paddled. I had a hard time believing how steep I could set the boat on edge before hitting the point-of-no-return. Even then the capsize was not sudden.

My only complaint would be one of fit. The standard Scorpio is a bit large on me. I really had to pay attention to my 5 points of contact to successfully roll it. Obviously, I do not have to do this in my personal boats.

Marshall's review indicates that he has about 50 pounds on me, so I am really curious to try out the LV version. It could be just the ticket. ;-)

a touch shorter - i believe graham send 3 inches. narrower a touch - lower deck -

they are working out the bits on it right now so we’ll have proper specs next week…

Just paddled a Scorpio
Just paddled a Scorpio on demo at Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Natick, MA. They actually had to take it out of the packaging for me and I got its maiden voyage. I found the Scorpio to be one of the best plastic kayaks I have tried. A little more roomy than the Capella 166 RM. I think the Capella had a slightly more “performance” feel to it and as I recall the Scorpio is a little wider and felt more stable at a stand still. Edging as noted above was really nice. Solid boat. Probably would be the boat I would get if I wanted plastic but not quite the performance I have experienced with composite boats, though it fit better and performed better than many composites. 6’1" 210 lbs and size 14 feet for the record.