Scorpio LV vs MV

Hey all!

So I am preparing to order a new kayak for next season and it has come down to either the Scorpio mk2 LV or MV.

I’m having a bit of trouble deciding which, so I thought I would fish for opinions.

So, I am 167cm (5’ 6) and ~75kg (165lbs). I will mainly use the kayak for one day touring, not many overnighters. I do like a tighter fitting kayak, so I’m a bit worried by the MV’s 58cm width. Seems rather large.

Currently I’m paddling a Pintail. Paddled a Tahe Seaspirit and a Water Field Qaanaaq previously. Just looking for a good all-round kayak to relax in and practice some of my Greenland rolls in from time to time. Stability isn’t a huge concern, I read that the LV has fairly decent primary, but I do want something I can zone-out and relax in sometimes.

All thoughts, comments and opinions are welcome!

I should also say that since I live in Japan, test paddling either version is not an option unfortunately. I know, breaking a cardinal rule, but I have to go with my gut feeling and other people’s impressions on this one.

Go for the Scorpio LV

At your dimensions, and with the goals you describe, I think you’ll be happier in the LV. The MV isn’t so big, and someone your size could be happy in either. But since you want to do greenland rolling, and you are used to the stability of a Pintail, the LV will be best for you.

Have fun with it!

Iam 5’8" tall about 165 pounds and test paddled the LV. Fit perfect at my size. Now I could easily pad out the MV if I wanted more storage for camping BUT if your only day paddling the LV will be a better fit.


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I'm 5' 9" and 155. Over the last 4+ years I've paddled both the MK1 and now the MK2.

As Nate says the MV will also work, but you don't need the additional volume, particularly if the kayak is mainly going to be a 'day' boat.