Scorpio MKII MV?

Curious what you all think about the P&H Scorpio. I currently have a WS Tempest 170 (plastic). Great boat, but I’ve always felt it’s kinda big for me. I’m almost 6’ and weigh around 155lbs. I already have the P&H Virgo 14.5 footer. Wondering if the Scorpio would make sense since I already have the Virgo? More importantly, would it be better than the Tempest? The local shop only has the MV version. Things I don’t like about the Tempest are it takes a while to turn (unless aggressively edging), the initial stability isn’t amazing (maybe because I’m too light for the boat) and it catches wind due to it’s higher deck. Opinions/advice?? Thanks!

I don’t know the kayak you’re asking about but at 155 lbs I’d imagine the Tempest 170 to be way oversized for you.

I’d seek out a good outfitter and try on as many boats as you can. You’re tall and thin, so you need a low volume boat with adequate space for your legs and feet. Maybe if you have a sea kayaking club near you, you could join some group paddles, talk to people near your size, and ask to try their boats.

Or better yet, make yourself a custom-sized skin on frame!

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Thanks, I’m going to go to the local shop today and see if I can sit in the Scorpio. The more I paddle the Tempest, the more I feel like it is just too much volume for me. I did try a Tempest 165 at one point, but it was a touch too small. My Virgo MV feels about right, but I would like a longer boat, too, so maybe the Scorpio will work.

MV? You’re lanky. I’d try you on the LV. Turquoise or Sunbeam, I have both. Come by after the Blackburn.

Thanks! The problem I ran into with lower volume boats was foot room. My feet aren’t huge (only a 10 or 11), but maybe it’s a due to my long legs. In the Tempest 165, I felt it was too cramped. Not sure how the Scorpio LV compares to that

The Tempest 165 should fit you way better. Did you try moving the seat back? That might give you extra foot room.

I’m 183# 32 waist 33 inseam #11 shoes and I just got in with street sneakers on. It took some doing getting past the deck box but once in it was a very good fit. The MV has more space for sure and the Stout hip pads will snug you into the seat

Nah, I bought off Amazon last year, tried it and then returned it. It was a very nice boat, but even getting into it was hard to do without banging my shins.

I ended up getting the MV today! They had an HV and MV, and I knew the HV would be too big. It would’ve been cool to try an LV, but no one around here has them. I went for a quick test paddle, and it went well. Compared to my Tempest 170, the Scorpio has much better initial stability. From what I could tell, it turns easier, too. I like the lower front deck and flat stern area. Seat is just like my Virgo, which is great. Seems like a really nice boat. Quality wise, I think the P&H boats are a step above the WS (at least the current ones). It’s too bad WS doesn’t make a boat that’s between the 165 and 170, volume wise.

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Congrats on the new boat!

In terms of shin-banging, the kayak I currently spend most of my time in has a pretty tiny ocean cockpit, so I have to enter and exit by sitting on the back deck and sliding both legs in or out at the same time. If you’d asked me whether I would ever have a kayak like this a few years ago, I would’ve said absolutely not. My progression, and the progression of many people, involves going from larger to progressively smaller and smaller kayaks. It might happen to you too, you never know. :wink:

Hope you will really enjoy your new ride.

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Thanks! I do see the advantages to a smaller, more form fitting boat! I feel like this Scorpio is a better fit for me than the Tempest 170, but it’s probably still just a touch too roomy. From what I’ve seen so far, it handles a lot better and is much easier to turn, so I think it’s a step in the right direction. I’m sure there will be more boats in my future, but for now, the Virgo and the Scorpio are a really nice combo to have!

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I bet you’d enjoy attending one of the Qajaq USA events and learning more about all the fun things you can do with a GP and a low volume kayak. And rolling, if you’re interested in that.

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Probably! That sounds like fun! Maybe someday. I do love my GP!

As for the Scorpio, I put about 9 miles on it today. I was paddling out onto Lake Erie into some NW wind. Buoy says wind was about 7-9 mph. Waves were maybe 1-2 feet. One thing I noticed is that the boat likes to ride over the waves and slam down. A bit annoying. My Tempest would’ve cut right through those. It’ll rise up and slam down, too, but it takes much bigger waves. So, I was a bit bummed about that. Otherwise, the boat did well. My speeds weren’t much faster (if any) than with my 14.5 ft Virgo, so I was a bit disappointed there, too. I’m not sure it’s really a big difference over the Virgo, besides the added length. It’s unreturnable, so I guess I will just keep it and see if I like it more. I was planning on selling the Tempest, but I think I’m gonna hold off for now.

One cool thing…I was able to slide out of the Scorpio’s seat and onto the back deck, and just sit there. I don’t think I could do that with my Tempest, although I may try now, haha. I doubt it’ll be quite as easy. The Scorpio’s initial stability is much better than the Tempest, IMO.

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