Scorpio vs aquanaut rm

-- Last Updated: Aug-20-09 11:45 PM EST --

I like both, am going to try both, but as of right now can't decide between them. Any thought, pros/cons for either?

Don’t know the Scorpio
but just bought myself the Aquanaut RM. I like the Aquanaut because of its snug fit, ease in rolling, edging, good reports by everyone i spoke to, reportedly well manufactured and sturdy plastic. I additionally like its low profile.

Some negatives… Could use extra cordage area to use a paddle float i understand.

Both good boats and both come in 2 sizes
Both the Scorpio and the Aquanaut RM are very well designed and built boats. Both also come in two sizes so one of each should be the right size for you.

Whichever one feels ‘right’ to you when you paddle it should be the one you buy.

area to use a paddle float
As a paddle float re-entry is often sketchy at best in conditions, most British sea kayaks are not outfitted assuming someone will need rigging to hold a paddle in that manner.

Paddle float re-entry is not in the BCU skill set.

the saleperson said
"The Brits expect the paddler to roll or not be on the water".