Scotland . Outer Hebrides June 8 -14

Outer Hebrides, Scotland. St Kilda

We are headed back to Scotland’s, Western Isles, the Outer Hebrides for a week long sea paddling trip. Our base of operations is out of Loch Maddy on the Isle of North Uist. This central position in the Hebrides allows us to journey in mutable directions around the island chain to take advantage of the weather. Each day we are on the water exploring a new section of this truly amazing and very wild place, where old mountains rise out of the sea, to sandy tropical beaches, blue Gulf Stream water that brings in vast marine life and sea birds like Puffins.

Paddling in the Hebrides, at the edge of the North Atlantic Gulf Stream is as dramatic as you might think and experiencing some fine Celtic culture as all part of the adventure. With an opportunity of getting out to St. Kilda, with the tallest sea cliffs in Great Britain if a weather opportunity allows. Joining the Kayak Waveology team is the great local knowledge of SKUK’s finest.

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Who: Kayak Waveology. Contact Greg Paquin at

When : 8 June – June 14

How long: 5 Days on the water, a day either side land travel. Be prepared for a night out wilderness camping.

How Much: $2,550.00 USD