Scotty rod holder how do I?

get the turret to swivel on it’s base? Also, no mounting screws in the box? Should I have gotten screws r did I get screwed. Damn Habs.

The screws, actually bolts with nuts

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do not come with the rod holder. Get those at the hardware store. Lowe's has a good selection of stainless fasteners, my Home Depot does not. My Ace also has a good selection. Even if you fish mainly freshwater, stainless is always the best option for fasteners on a boat.

You pull up on the rod holder from the base to get it to swivel. If you want the holder to swivel up and down, you loosen the black plastic covered wing nut on the side and adjust. Make sure when you install the holder that it will not interfere with your paddling and is in easy reach.

A few hints
1. Use stainless hardware.

2. Use a vinyl lock nut.

3. Drill holes ONE at a time. Put in a screw only finger tight (which isn’t tight at all with vinyl lock nuts). THEN drill the opposite hole. By opposite, think how you’d put on the lug nuts when changing a tire. Put in one, then put in the opposite corner, then go to the corner on the long side, then go to the opposite corner from that. If you drill all four holes at once, you will not be pleased with the results.

4. Tighten firmly. You don’t want loose nuts who aren’t you in the cockpit of a kayak.

5. Use as short of a bolt as you can reasonably get away with. If you have some, it wouldn’t hurt to dab a little Plasti-Dip on the excess screw sticking past the nut. They’re easy to scratch yourself on depending on where you mount the rod holder.

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And, if the rod holder is difficult
to get in and out of the hole or to adust, its usually because of sand and grit, keep the post and hole clean. Silicon spray can make it a bit easier too.

Look for these locally

You want stainless bolts and a nylock nut. a big washer spreads the load, but no reason to overtighten a rod holder.

I also use the RTV sealer on that page under the rod holder to seal the holes that I drilled. Finally, I used the sealer to attach a milk cap at the bottom of the holder so water can’t get inside the boat through the holder.

If you have a SINK, use a dremel or hack saw to cut the bolts off flush with the nut. The dremel will throw some sparks…


The turning thing -
Just lift the rod holder out of the turret about 1/4". Once locked into place, it’s locked. You have to lift up a little - but not all the way out - and you can turn it easily. Then push back down to secure it in whatever position you’ve selected.

Sorry I didn’t address that question in my first answer.

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Which bracket?
At our kayak shop we install 200 scottys a year on kayaks. Like others have said stainless bolts and nylon lock nuts are the way to go but dont forget some washers on the inside. You can only use this method if you have a hatch that allows you to reach inside on a siton top. If you dont have a hatch get some cherry aircraft rivets from a kayak shop or install a hatch. There are a variety of different mounting brackets that you can use in various locations. Always get the scottys poerlock model rather then the ones with the rubber straps.

The Power Lock models are big,
cost much more, and I see no advantage with regular size rods. I’ve had several rubber strap models for 4 years with no problems. The only two problems I’ve ever had with the Scotty is the rubber cover for the mount on one has disappeared…comes from having sons I guess.