Scotty Rod Holder stinks for spinning

About eight years ago I bought a Wilderness Systems Punglo Angler. It came with a Scotty Power-Lock rod holder. I use spinning gear exclusively, and I haven’t been able to find a rod with a long enough handle to work right with this holder. The rear portion of the Power-Lock is too far away from where the real seat fits for the handle to reach, so the rod droops down in the holder because it has no rear support. Is there a way to make this holder work? Alternatively, will a Scotty Bait Caster / Spinning Rod Holder fit the base that came installed with my Power-Holder?

Spinning Man

Second question - Yes
I use a Scotty Baitcaster in the smaller size with both baitcaster and spinning outfits. You may find an opposite problem. Your spinning outfits may have too long of handles for the holder.

So far as I know, there’s only one size base for all the Scotty accessories.

Good luck.

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I’ve a Scotty for bait caster/spinning
rod. With so many rods these days having longer handles, both my baitcasting rod handles and spinning rod handles extend farther than I would like. But, the rod holder is great.

TRy Cabelas
Check at Cabelas as I seem to remember that they have a holder specific to spin gear that will lock into the Scotty base. I think Tempress does as well

Scotty bases …
Scotty makes 3 bases. One is 2" x 4" (flush), another is 4" round (flush), and the last is 2" x 4" (deck mount).