Scotty rod holders

I’d like to mount a Scotty fly rod holder on the top of one of the side rails on my canoe. I’d like to use the clamp mount that Scotty makes, so I can remove the mount and rod holder when I transport the canoe on the roof of my car. Can someone explain how the bottom of the rod holder attaches to the top of the clamp mount? I’ve looked at images of the clamp mount and I don’t see how the two things work together. Is there some third piece of equipment, such as a mounting plate, that I need to use with the other two? Thanks for any help.

There are two basic parts to the Scotty.
The base plate/Mount, which has a Asteric “*” looking hole (6 or 8 arms out from a circular center) that the rod holder sticks into.

The Rod holder has a similiar shaped base, and this in simply inserted into the base and locked into place.

Hope this helps… I prefer the Ram system, though with a flyrod, the scotty holder does have its advatages.


Thanks, so you’re saying you only need two parts–the rod holder itself and the clamp holder and the clamp holder screws down to the canoe rail? I want to be able to remove the rod holder from the canoe when I’m transporting the canoe on the rack of my vehicle. Also, what is the Ram system? Is it made by Scotty or someone else?

Not sure about the rail thing in canoe
Those were designed to clamp around a hand rail on a Tracker boat or other similar style where there is an elevated rail. I have never seen a canoe with a rail. Not saying they aren’t out there, but I’ve never seen one. Canoes have gunwales under which there is the hull with no gap.

You may have to have a hole in your canoe at the gunwale to allow it to work. That doesn’t sound like a great idea. Why not use one of the side mounts?

I suppose you could clamp the rail style around a frame if your canoe has in internal frame like a Coleman or something like that. Yeah. That’d work I suppose. Sorry. Took me a while to figure that one out.

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In my experience, the base piece is
screwed into, or bolted through, the top of the gunnels or kayak surface.


Rod holder base
The rod holder pugs into its base and the base attaches to the clamp with fasteners. Thats what the slots in the clamp are for.

rod holder for canoe
Thanks to all for the advice. I discovered that LL Bean makes a rod holder specifically designed to clamp on a canoe, so I went ahead and ordered one.

Great… Good luck out there!

Scotty rod holders
Scotty rod holders suck. Bought them and sent them back.

Get your self a plastic milk crate and two three feet pieces of plastic pipe. Mount the pipes to the side of the crate at an angle with zip ties and you have a rod holder that doubles as a holder for other gear.

Second the crate
PVC works great for holders. I hinged a wood top on the crate that acts as a work platform as well.

anchor system
Not to high jack the thread or anything but does anyone know if the Scotty Anchor system will work well for a canoe? I’m looking for rod holders and an anchor system but don’t want to have to drill holes or anything.

Scotty Fly Rod Holder
I just mounted a Scotty Fly Rod Holder in my Old Town Pack. I used the rail mount and put it on the thwart. Works nice.

I dont know what Scottys you had but the scottys powerlock does not suck. We install over 400 ayear on yaks and the customers love them. You may have used the one with the rubber strap or dont understand what they are used foir or how to install correctly. I agree a milk crate can make a bare kayak an instant fishink yak but dont use zip ties, They fall apart in the sun. Use stainless hose clamps.

You’re the first
I’ve never heard of someone dislike the Scotties.

Well, to each his own. I’ve used the Scotty rod holder mounted on the front of my fishing kayak as a handle to turn the boat back over after I’ve flipped. They’re that sturdy and secure. I wonder what problems you ran into.

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