Scotty vs Ram

Looking to rig out my pungo with a few rod holders. Is there any real quality difference or is it personal preference.

My 2 cents
I just got my yak this year, I looked at several different rod holders and in the end decided to go with scotty.

I have the a pair of power locks for cat fishing the river and a smaller pair made for spinning reels I use on the creeks.

Both types have served there purpose well, I have abused both types on more than one occasion this year, I thought they would have snapped off from some of the abuse but they are like new.

I haven’t tried any other brand but my personal opinion is you can’t go wrong with scotty.

My only complaint if I had to make one is the size of the power locks they are a bit large but work great none the less.

I am sure others will chime in with a bit more experience with multiple rod holders, this is just my 2 cents.

Be Safe

Eric G

I’ve had both
and prefer the Scotty brand. I use the Baitcaster series which the name is misleading because it handles a spinning reel and baitcaster. The Powerlocks are too big for my use. I use mine for 90% holding and 10% trolling. When I troll it’s for redfish, trout, and flounder.

The RAM mount had too many parts and I didn’t feel comfortable adjusting it out on the water. I unscrewed the handle to adjust it a few times and it disassembled on me. There are 3 main parts: the base, the clamp, and the rod holder. Loosen the clamp too much and it comes off the base and the rod holder will fall off.

I prefer Scotty
But both Scotty and Ram are good.

Do not get the Berkeley rod holders. I have seen the holder fall out of the base while still holding the rod. Both rod and holder sank to the bottom. I have also seen rods fall right out of the holders. Not good.

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I really like the Scotty
flush mounts. Very low profile on a kayak and easy installation with simple hole saw and drill bits.

For a kayak that isn’t always used for fishing, the flush mounts are really great.


Thanks for the
recommendations. I thought I wanted Ram but the more I look a them I start leaning towards Scotty.

It all
depends where you want to place them.The Ram gives more options as far as angle goes.

I’ve only used Scotty (Fly Rod Holder) and see no reason to change, it does a good job and there’s plenty of mount options. I had another boater stop me at a launch and was looking at my Scotty setup…his was a similiar type but different brand. After comparing the 2, he said he was buying a Scotty.

I ended up picking up the Scotty Fly rod holder and one Baitcaster/Spinning rod holder. Wennt with the new 444 Treaded flush mount base.

Mounted the rod holders and the installation went pretty well. One thing I do not take into account is the setting of the bast. It does matter how youposition the base. When I fininshed the frst one I was not happy with the direction the rod pointed in the different settings. Surprizing how one little click one the holder makes such a big difference in hold the rod looks. I can see why some like the Ram mounts. Sure wish the companies would give a little better directions and tips. Dosen’t seem to be alot to ask for.

The base has “Scotty” and sometimes “Inboard (and an arrown)” usually written on it. You should either be able to read Scotty or have the Inboard/arrow pointing towards the center of the kayak after mounting it.

It might be too late to recommend it but never blind mount a rod holder. Always have a friend take the rod holder and put a rod in it. Then while you’re sitting down have them place it in several different areas to make sure, 1. It’s reachable, 2. It’s out of the way when you paddle.

Too many times I’ve seen people mount their rod holders only to have it in the way of their paddle stroke or too close to their seat and there isn’t enough room for the rod butt between the holder and their back.