Scouting after the storm

Pretty amazing to just observe mother nature. After 3 cold very cold days my put-in was looking pretty hopeless. Sometimes the St Joseph doesn’t freeze this much all winter.

Then yesterday it was 55 and it had been above freezing for 2 days so I checked my possibilities. The St Joseph still had shore ice on both sides everywhere I checked. Even if I could find one open spot I won’t paddle unless there are plenty of ways out without shore ice.

The much smaller Paw Paw was still very frozen even after our 12-14" of snow melted.

Lake Michigan might be a possibility for some folks but not me. The weird ice and sand drifts have started.

The Silver Beach parking lot is usually buried in sand by Spring.

So today I check the St Joseph again and find several other 4x4’s poking around and one pick-up with an empty trailer has decided he’s not going to wait.

And then I checked my local put-in and I’m feeling pretty good right now and hoping to get out tomorrow!


Great photos. What is the sculpture in the fifth photo?

About 32" fell here over the holiday but the warm temps of yesterday and today have taken out about a foot.

I think my only paddling experience this winter will be with some friends in a raft down the Jordan.

Not sure about the sculpture.

Rafting down the Jordan with friends sounds like an amazing experience!