Scrambled eggs and camping

When I kayak camp solo, my preferred meals are the add-water-eat things so my breakfast is usually a Raman-bomb with veggies and bag-o-meat though I prefer a hard-boiled egg.
I was thinking of making scrambled eggs at home, vac-seal them into individual baggies and adding a bag of vac-seal scrambled eggs to my raman.
I would rather not dirty another dish by hauling dehydrated eggs and scrambling them on site.

Anyone have experience here and can I take a week’s worth of vac-seal scrambled eggs with me, safely?

I tried dehydrating them once. My advice there is “don’t”.

Have you considered taking them in shell, in a hard plastic holder? I used to do this canoe camping but haven’t personally tried it with the kayak. Farm fresh not washed will keep for a long time without refrigeration.

Going one step further, crack them into a boilable bag (sous vide cooking) and boil until coagulated. You can then add that boiled water to the dehydrated part of the meal. Break into manageable chunks and add them together.

Or I suppose you could go the old fashioned way and hard boil in the shell…

Eggs cannot be safely and successfully home dehydrated from the raw or cooked state. But if you combine and cook eggs with a binder, such as crushed hash browns, couscous or some other starchy absorbent carrier with onions and a few herbs or spices baked as a kind of casserole before dehydrating, you will get a very easy to transport and easy to prepare tasty meal.

I don’t know the answer about vac sealed scrambled. Sparky is right that fresh eggs, unwashed (not store bought) have amazing shelf life. Weeks, not days. So, unwashed eggs in a plastic holder would work well for your use. Just crack 'em and drop into your morning boil. No dish dirtied there and no prep time either.

Mountain house makes a very good “breakfast skillet” (hash browns. eggs, pork sausage and peppers) or scrambled eggs and bacon, that I often take on kayak camping trips. Just don’t add too much water or it becomes “soup”.

Yes, I have sucked down my share of Mountain House breakfast skillet. Wrap it in flour tortillas.

At 920 mg of sodium, and I think this is “per serving” so x2 if you eat the whole package like most solo travelers, you really need to limit your reliance on these.

Numbers vary, but that could be around 100 to 200% the daily recommend intake.

Tortillas are relatively high too, something like 13% each.

The old sailor method would be farm fresh eggs, in the shell, in a hard case with vasoline coating on shell. They keep well. But I’m not going to do it in Florida heat.

We used Vaseline for the canoe trips, but man it’s messy. I would expect the unwashed fresh eggs to do just fine without it for at least a week, likely much longer.

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet is pretty good IMO and we have it about three times in a ten day trip. True with tortillas you have half your sodium for the day and for a daily diet that would not be good, but how many times do you camp overnight with respect to the number of breakfasts you have in a year?
They used to have a smaller serving size… For one… Now if you eat the whole package you have 780 calories with nothing else.

Ova Easy makes dried eggs that are acceptable for scrambling especially if you add mushrooms ( easy to dry) and cheese ( most keeps a long time without refrigeration)

You can buy farm eggs and specify they are not washed ( which allows them to be stored at room temp). But honestly In Maine and Superior where I kayak overnight the most the cold hull acts as a refrigerator… In the Everglades I would not remotely try fresh eggs.

I’ll have to try yknpaddlers suggestion for home cooking eggs and hash browns.

I tried dehydrating them once. My advice there is “don’t”.<<

The secret is to dehydrate chicken-fresh eggs! Store bought eggs are crap!
They look funny but taste ok.

Have you considered taking them in shell, in a hard plastic holder? <<

Yes, Rubbermaid sells a nice case for that which is far better than the ones you find in the camping stores. But I am seeking to reduce when I go solo.

Mountain house makes a very good “breakfast skillet” <<

Makes me fart so much my dog tries to escape the tent.

I was hoping that I could mix & scramble them home, THEN vac-seal and haul just the bag which I could dunk into my JetBoil to heat up. Save dishes to wash and have something healthy to eat.

As far as i am concerned the best way to ruin an egg is to scramble it, but then I don’t care for coffee either. Of course I have no problem with others liking them. I eat dried fruit, and grits or oatmeal. Pancakes are also a favorite. Then instant milk and cereal is always an option too. I have also done Raman noodles and added real dried bacon in a bag used for salads. Just suggestions, and I hope you find a way you like to have your scrambled eggs.

Had fresh eggs in Baja Mexico and they kept for weeks.