Scrape on keel, new kayak

Hello. Just after some advice. I bought a new kayak and it was damaged in transit. It got swapped over, but the replacement was also damaged in transit. The company say they won’t send another one, as it’s likely to get damaged as well. So, I will keep this one if you guys think it’s ok. It got a scrape on the keel from someone dragging it on concrete. It’s plastic. Do you think it’s been compromised? The plastic is 6mm thick. The scrape is right on the keel, the first bit of the boat that will hit the beach when coming in.

Should I just get in, go paddling and not worry about it?

I hope they offered you compensation of some sort. Some merchandise? A little $ off the price? Your boat is gonna get scratched and scraped over time but you should be able to put the first ones on it.

Not compromised

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The scrape is probably no different than what is going to happen the first time you hit a rock in a river or beach it on a rocky shore. Your boat will get scratched, so no, your scrape (unless it is very, very deep) will not compromise your kayak.

Still, you bought a new boat and you should get it in new condition. I've fight them for a discount and if they don't budge, take it to social media. They don't like that.

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Take the boat but get them to give you a discount. Especially if they are promising it’ll happen again. That means they are not trying to control how things are being sent to them, for which they deserve a minor slap if they are passing it on to the consumer.

I totally get the seller’s dilemma. I have spoken with enough dealers and shippers to know it is truly hard to get a boat thru spiffy clean. But most new boat buyers are promised a fully clean boat. The seller has to either acknowledge their inability to produce that early in the sale or be ready with a discount.

Of course of you buy used you skip all of that, the boat comes prescratched so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

If the boat is damaged, you aren’t getting a new boat, so you shouldn’t be paying a new price.

I absolutely disagree that your boat will inevitably get all scratched up. First of all, learn to get in and out of the boat while in the water. Never drag the boat and never plow into the beach. Take care of the boat and it will take care of you. The same goes for your paddle and the rest of your gear.

I have never seen a used kayak
without any blemishes or scratches.